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Led Zeppelin - 1973-03-22 - Gracias

Led Zeppelin
March 22, 1973

Empress Valley (SD 2004)
Grugahalle - Essen - Germany

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1-Rock and Roll
2-Over the Hills...
3-Black Dog
4-Misty Mountain Hop
5-Since I've Been...

1-Dancing Days
2-Bron-y-Aur Stomp
3-The Song Remains...
4-The Rain Song
5-Dazed and Confused

1-Stairway to Heaven
2-Whole Lotta Love

Another inspired performance, despite the fact that there were persistent problems with Page's Les Paul. Robert: “We must ask you to cool everything for about three minutes ‘cos James's guitar is a bit fucked". After ‘Black Dog', Robert thanked the audience in Spanish — "Gracias!". ‘Since l've Been Loving You' was outstanding and featured some spine-chilling screams from Plant. 'Dancing Days' was described as a song about "the innocent love of little schoolgirls and my perversion toward it. We love little schoolgirls, fourteen or fifteen!” ’Dazed And Confused' was once again amazing. The interaction between Bonham and Page, above Jones's rock solid foundation, was truly spectacular. The speed and dexterity of both players was breathtaking. Plant joined in and ad-libbed "Do the James Brown!" and ‘Cold Sweat' during the funky section. The transition into ‘San Francisco' was now slick and professional. Jimmy included snatches of 'Walter's Walk' later in the piece.
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet)

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