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Led Zeppelin - Baltimore 1972

Led Zeppelin     

Baltimore 1972
Civic Center , Baltimore, Maryland

(Immigrant 026-028)

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1   Immigrant Song                                        
2   Heartbreaker                                             
3   Black Dog                                     
4   Since I've Been Loving You                   
5   Stairway To Heaven                
6   Going To California                  
7   Thats The Way                                          

1   Tangerine                                    
2   Bron-Y-Aur Stomp                                   
3   Dazed And Confused                             
4   What Is And What Should Never Be
5   Moby Dick                                   

1   Whole Lotta Love                                     
2   Rock And Roll                                             
3   Communication Breakdown              

This show got off to a bad start with Robert having trouble with the lyrics to 'lmmigrant Song' and repeating the first line twice, but it developed into the best night of the tour so far. ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You' was introduced as 'a song of love, a triangle of love' and was an outstanding performance. "'This is conceived in a moment of blindness — when blindness meets the dark!" was Roberts rather pretentious introduction to 'Stairway To Heaven'. Before the acoustic set, Robert told the crowd about the Elvis concert: ”We went to see Elvis Presley. That guy did so much for music – long time ago, mind you! His voice has gone down about two or three tones and seemed to have changed a bit and his waist is a bit bigger? Bonham joined the band on vocals for ‘Bron Yr Aur Stomp'. Plant: “We'd like to put a spotlight on our percussionist who's singing. This is the ninth tour of America and we finally got him to a microphone. Weighing 204 pounds, the good times have put their toll on himl"
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet)


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