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Reo Speedwagon - 29-09-1981 - Tokyo

Reo Speedwagon
September 29, 1981

"Keep On Loving You"
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.

(Fire Power / FP-025)

Set List :

01. Keep Pushin'
02. Only The Strong Survive
03. Tough Guys
04. In Your Letter
05. Time For Me To Fly
06. Keep On Loving You
07. 157 Riverside Avenue
08. Take It On The Run
09. Roll With The Changes
10. Flying Turkey Trot - Guitar Solo
11. Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight
12. Back On The Road Again
13. Ridin' The Storm Out
14. Shake It Loose

The REO Speedwagon Line-Up :

Kevin Cronin (Vocals, Guitars)
Gary Richrath (Lead Guitars)
Bruce Hall (Bass)
Neal Doughty (Keyboards)
Alan Gratzer (Drums, Percussion)

Full album mp3:
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