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LIVE DESK - Led Zeppelin - Dancing Geisha

Led Zeppelin

Dancing Geisha
Festival Hall, Osaka
Tarantura  1995

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In contrast to the energetic and frantic performances of the 1971 Japanese Tour, the 1972 shows were much more relaxed and laid back affairs. The group seemed tired at times, particularly Plant who sometimes failed to hit the high notes. During the ever expanding 'Dazed And  Confused', Page played an instrumental version of Scott Mackerzie's 'San Francisco (Be Sure To wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)'. This theme would be much expanded in later concerts.  Preslev's 'Got A Lotta Lovin' To Do' was a rare inclusion in the 'Whole Lotta Love' medlev. The band took some time to appear again to perform 'Immigrant Song' and some members of  the audience had already left the hall.
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg.185)

Excellent audience recording of Led Zeppelin's show at the Koseinenkin Kaikan Festival Hall, Osaka, on 4 October 1972. The recording is very clear and makes the venue sound quite small and intimate. The performance leaves a bit to be desired, although it certainly has its high points. Robert Plant starts off sounding quite hoarse, but somehow pulls out of it after singing for a while, and the show becomes sensational, with a fabulous rendition of "Dazed and confused". As the final medley draws to a close, however, Plant's voice starts to really give out - why, under these circumstances, they chose to have an encore of "Immigrant Song" is baffling. Perhaps they were playing a prank on the hapless Plant, or having a bet: anyway, it's dreadful. Aparently, a lot of the shows from this tour were taped, but the tapes destroyed as they weren't satisfactory to the group.

Robert's voice is starting to show the strain of performing 3 days in a row - his voice is cracking up almost continuously. Bonzo appears to be in great forum tonight though, so perhaps that offset's Percy's bad vocals. Jimmy is also having a great night - no sticky fingers syndrome tonight. The tape is very good, but slightly distant. The audience is distant from the recorder as well, so one has to only guess where the taper was for this show. Great version of Dancing Days - even with Plant's damaged voice. Everytime I hear that song I think of the Stargroves photos with the band dancing around the truck during the playback of Dancing Days. There's a cut in the tape after Dancing Days that leads into "A song about a dog". There's a tape cut right after the Stomp that misses any Plantations that there might have been and the opening bars of The Song Remains The Same. For some unexplainable reason, there's what sounds like a heartbeat during a clip of The Rain Song. It does not sound real, as it's quite loud and if that was truly a heartbeat, the guy surely died as it sounded like it was ready to jump out of his chest. Dazed is in good forum tonight led by Bonzo's relentless drums. They sound really good - even from a distance. The Crunge includes some monkey business at the end and it's still lacking vocals. The next cut comes after Dazed and before Stairway - some Plantations are lost because of this. Whole Lotta Love is more "musical" and not so much "vocal" tonight, no doubt due to Roberts poor voice. The medley selections includes a lot of low sung Elvis tracks as well as You Shook Me. The tape cuts out right after Heartbreaker and comes back on in time for Immigrant Song. With Plant's voice so bad, I'm not sure I know why they didn't do something else besides this. (Steve Prendergast)

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