sabato 9 luglio 2011

Crime in the City

"There's still crime in the city, Said the cop on the beat."

And what’s that crime in the city? Robbery, murder, corruption, rape? “What else”, you said?

Which better crime than the Rock n’ Roll Music, the true “Sound of the City” like wrote Charlie Gillett. Avid producers searching for “cheeseburger And a new Rolling Stone”, and, of course, all the rest: wicked, paranoid, bombastic rock-stars, art’s depreciation, the young inconscious teen-idol; the older, conscious, rotten addict former guitar-heroes moving in backstages like maggots. And profit, the real semi-god of music business. The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, but without irony.

Yes, the “Crime in the city” IS the Rock Music.

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