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Led Zeppelin - Hampton '71 - 09-09-1971

Led Zeppelin

Hampton '71
Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton
Theramin Records

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Here's a nice show from 1971 (the peak of their performances for me). It's good to hear the stuff of the fourth album before the record itself was released. It sounds a little 'tubby' on the drums (well, Bonzo was a little tubby!) but is nice overall - 'Dazed and Confused' has 'electronic scratches' towards the end (this is the case on all copies of this bootleg) and 'Moby Dick' is cut (isn't twelve minutes of drumming - even Bonzo drumming - enough?). The CDs list the date as the 2nd September, but it was the 9th. Artwork is included.
Original seeder notes 

There were no problems with the crowd tonight. In fact, before the acoustic set, Plant commented: "Right, you're sitting down and so are we. Far out! This is the part where we usually ask people to stop falling out of the spotlights for a bit. Fortunately, there's no trouble tonight." 'Celebration Day' featured some powerful playing from Jones, whose general performance had been consistently good throughout the whole tour. Plant sang a line from 'High Heeled Sneakers' — "Put on your red dress, baby, 'cos we're going out tonight!" - as a prelude to 'What Is And What Should Never  Be'
From: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet

September 9, 1971 at Hampton, Virginia.  This concert was previously released as One More Daze (Dynamite Studio), Inspired (Antrabata), Hampton Kicks (Elrond), and Jim's Picks (Tarantura).  The last title is considered the best.  This release on Flagge is a straight knock off of the Tarantura title.  Jim's Picks is printed on the actual discs.


CD 1:
1. Immigrant Song (3.58)
2. Heartbreaker (8.12)
3. Since I've Been Loving You (8.34)
4. Black Dog (6.41)
5. Dazed and Confused (21.59)

CD 2:
1. Stairway to Heaven (11.07)
2. Celebration Day (5.31)
3. That's the Way (7.30)
4. Going to California (5.29)
5. What is and What Should Never Be (5.28)
6. Moby Dick (11.40)

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