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Black Sabbath - Master Of Winterland - 01-10-1971

Black Sabbath

Master Of Winterland
Winterland Ballroom - San Francisco
Reel Masters - 004

Audience recording; nice sound, sometimes a bit distant but well balanced. One of the most comprehensive tracklist of 1971-72 tour.

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01: Intro
02: N.I.B.
03: War Pigs
04: Sweet Leaf
05: Iron Man
06: Wicked World
07: Guitar Solo
08: Wicked World (Reprise)
09: Embryo
10: Children Of The Grave
11: Paranoid (Cut In)
12: Fairies Wear Boots

I saw Black Sabbath on March 16, 1971, in Kansas City, MO. It was at Memorial Hall and was sold out. J Geils Band opened and really got things going. Fantastic Detroit boogie! Song I remember most was an extended version of Serves You Right To Suffer with a great harmonica solo. It didn't go with the Sabbath sound, but got everyone in the audience fired up. Next up was Sabbath and the hall was buzzing with energy. No one knew exactly what to expect. I remember the PA speakers looked really long coffins stacked up! I think they started with War Pigs. No stage sets, just some spot lights. And so loud. They got about half way through and the PA's went out and all you could hear were their amps. Then the PA's came back on and they were normal for the ending. The place went nuts anyway and were on their chairs for the remaining of the show. They had lots of sound problems for the entire show, cutting in and out. But they played a full show and the crowd loved them. They got really pissed about the sound. At one point Bill Ward threw his snare drum! They wore street clothes...jeans, black tee shirts. Nothing fancy just one intense concert. Tony played a long, intense solo and was just fantastic throughout the evening. Geezer was just all over the place, hair flying. Ozzy was the cheer leader and was in great voice. The power of Bill's drums was amazing. I actually snuck in a 8-track recorder and recorded the whole show! I remember the tape player in my panel truck eating the tape about a year later. (no copy) This was one of the most important concerts of my life. (Tom - Kansas City, MO)

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