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Randy Holden - Discography and Playlist


The Sons Of Adam

Sons Of Adam (Moxie 1032) 1980

1 Take My Hand/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day (Decca 31887) 1966
2 You're A Better Man Than I/Saturday's Son (Decca 31995) 1966
3 Feathered Fish/Baby Show The World  (Alamo 5473) 1966

The Other Half

The Other Half (Acta 38004) 1968

Feathered Fish 
Flight of the Dragon Lady                          
Wonderful Day               
I Need You
Oz Lee Eaves Drops                       
Bad Day                             
Morning Fire                    
What Can I Do for You (FirstHalf)                           
What Can I Do for You (The Other Half)              

1 Wonderful Day/Flight Of The Dragon Lady (Acta 801)1967
2 No Doubt About It/I Need You  (Acta 806) 1967
3 Oz Lee Eaves Drops/Morning Fire  (Acta 825) 1968
4 Mr Pharmacist/I've Come So Far (Gnp Crescendo 378) 1968

Blue Cheer

New! Improved! Blue Cheer  (Philips 600.305) 1969

Randy Holden
Population II  (Hobbit 5002) 1969

Guitar Song      
Fruit & Iceburgers          
Between Time  
Fruit & Iceburgers (Conclusion)               
Blue My Mind  
Keeper Of My Flame     

Early Works '64-66  (Atm) 1997

Guitar God  (Captain Trip Records) 1997

Dark Eyes (Part I)                           
Wild Fire                             
Scarlet Rose                      
Pain In My Heart                            
Hell And High Water                     
No Trace            
Got Love                            
Blue My Mind                  
Castle In The Sky                            
Dark Eyes (Part II)

Guitar God 2001 (Guitar God Records) 2001

Space Surf Rider             
I Sail On Your Love                         
Prayer To Paradise                        
I'll Take Your Blues Away

Per la discografia completa di Randy Holden:


Take My Hand
Saturday's Son
Flight of the Dragon Lady
I Need You
What Can I Do for You (FirstHalf)
What Can I Do for You (The Other Half)
Mr. Pharmacist
Peace of Mind
Guitar Song
Fruit & Iceburgs
Blue My Mind
Keeper of My Flame
Dark Eyes
Scarlet Rose
I Sail On Love
Prayer To Paradise
(Imperdibile cavalcata strumentale di oltre 20 minuti!! Una delle maggiori maratone chitarristiche di sempre!)

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