Jimi Hendrix
10th May 1968

It´s Only A Papermoon
Fillmore East

Fillmore East, New York, 10th May 1968 (date 10th March 1968 on artwork is wrong)

1) Lover Man
2) Fire
3) Foxy Lady
4) Red House
5) Hey Joe
6) Sunshine Of Your Love ~ Hear My Train A-Comin´(a.k.a. "Getting My Heart Back Together Again")
7) Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
8) Purple Haze

Length 1-8: 53:17min

additional tracks:

Col Ballrom, Davenport, IA, 11th August 1968
9) Are You Experienced
Length: 8:52min

San José Pop Festival, Santa Clara, CA, 25th May 1969
10) I Don´t Live Today
Length: 7:05min

Length tracks 1-10: 69:14min
James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix: Vocals, Guitar
Noel Redding: Bass
Mitch Mitchell: Drums

This concert features excellent performances by Jimi and the boys, including (AFAIK) the first live J.H.E. performance of Hear My Train A'Comin (a.k.a. Getting My Heart Back Together). (It starts out with a Sunshine of Your Love teaser, less than 30 seconds long.)
This is a great concert. The playing rocks, and the band is in a great mood. They're joking and having a lot of fun. (After the Sunshine of Your Love teaser, Jimi jokes that he should do a song by the Monkees to balance it out.) Fire ends with a brief Beach Boys Surfin' USA quote. The up-tempo version of Crawl Out Your Window has a funny ending that sounds so intentional you'll swear it was rehearsed. And, of course, there are all the great solos (guitar and drum), jams, and freaky sounds that you'd expect from the period. This was the band's first show back after more than a month of vacation from touring. During the hiatus Jimi jammed with friends and spent some time in the studio working on Electric Ladyland tracks like Voodoo Child and 1983... (see Plug Your Ears). You can tell the rest did them some good. They've definitely come back energized here at the Fillmore.
The bonus tracks are fabulous. There may be better live versions of Are You Experience out there, but there aren't many! The sound quality on I Don't Live Today could be better, but it's an amazing performance of an amazing song.

Most Hendrix fans know of his performances with the Band Of Gypsys at the Filmore East, on Dec. 31/69 and Jan. 1/70. This CD however comes from a time earlier, featuring the JHE at the Filmore, May 10, 1968. The band at this point was solid, and performances often featured extended jams on songs, especially the blues numbers such as Red House. This CD is no exception. A 15+ minute Red House kicks some serious ass here. As does an extended Hey Joe, and Sunshine Of Your Love/Getting My Heart Back Together Again medley. Bob Dylan's Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window makes a rare appearance, and the concert closes with the always great Purple Haze. Apparently after Purple Haze, there was a opening chord played of Wild Thing, but it's not here. Jimi didn't play the song, but it would have made for a nice complete package for it to be included. But that's nit-picking :) It's a good release that can be picked at for it's minor points only. Two tracks from other concerts have been included with this disc to fill it out. Are You Experienced comes from Davenport 68, and I Don't Live Today from the San Jose Pop Festival. Don't really belong here, but again, when all you have is little things like that to pick on, you must have a good release. And with this one, you do. Besides, what the hell am I doing complaining about too much Hendrix? :) I only have one other Luna release in my collection (Broadcasts), but based on these 2 releases, they sure seem to have a grasp on what makes for a good release.


Led Zeppelin
July 17, 1973

Complete Seattle
Seattle Center Coliseum
The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin  TDOLZ VOL.98

Disc 1
1 Introduction
2 Rock And Roll
3 Celebration Day
4 Black Dog
5 Over The Hills And Far Away
6 Misty Mountain Hop
7 Since I've Been Loving You
8 No Quarter

Disc 2
1 The Song Remains The Same
2 The Rain Song
3 Dazed And Confused
4 Stairway To Heaven

Disc 3
1 Moby Dick
2 Heartbreaker
3 Whole Lotta Love
4 The Ocean

One of the last TDOLZ titles, this is an excellent, almost complete, very good to excellent stereo audience recording of Zeppelin's July 17, 1973 concert in Seattle.  A gap lasting several seconds at the end of No Quarter is filled with a good source that sounds like it is from vinyl, and the guitar drops during the solo in Stairway To Heaven making it difficult to hear (a real pity). The concert is one of the highlights of the tour. The epics, Dazed and Moby Dick, are extremely long, even for this tour.  No Quarter is very mysterious, The Ocean is fantastic, and Whole Lotta Love has a unique rhythm during the theremin solo that is heard only in this show.  The show is let down only by the exploding mellotron during The Rain Song, where Jones switches to electric piano giving the song a different atmosphere.  Plant's comments between songs are very charming as well. This title comes in a fat boy jewel case utilizing many of Laurence Ratner's photos from the 1973 US tour.  The case comes in a cardboard slipcover with the Hindenburg disaster on the cover. (Gerard Sparaco Jan 02 – from: Seattle)

The show that followed was one of the most enjoyable of the tour. Bonham played very heavy Plant's voice was low and quite rough, but still surprisingly effective. Page's playing was fierce and fluent, his speed on ’Since l've Been Loving You' breathtaking. Tonight was also a show of excesses. "Dazed And Confused' was expanded to 35 minutes and ‘Moby Dick' lasted for a staggering 33 minutes, pushing the boundaries of human endurance.
’Stairway To Heaven' was one of the show's highlights. Page's solo was tense and dramatic, ensuring that the number received a well deserved lengthy standing ovation. ‘Heartbreaker' and 'Whole Lotta Love' also contained moments of pure inspiration from Page. The concert ran for 182 minutes, enabling Zeppelin to keep their pre-show promise.
'Led Zeppelin - rock as extravaganz.a' was the headline in the Seattle Times. Patrick MacDonald writes: ”The Stones first developed massive light and sound systems for the huge halls rock groups now play and Alice Cooper expanded the idea by turning concerts into spectacles but nobody so far has reached the level of extravaganza shown by the Led Zeppelin in concert last night at the Seattle Center Coliseum. Smoke, fire, strobes, sparklers and rockets filled the stage at one time or another during the group's non-stop three hours of music. Not to mention the three-story banks of lights and speakers that surrounded the four performers and the mirrored panels behind them.
(from D. Lewis, S Pallet  - Led Zeppelin the concert file)

Original Flac Version:

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Neil Young


I'm Happy That Y'all Came Down
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles

Vinyl bootleg

1. On the Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. Old Man
4. Journey Through the Past
5. Cowgirl in the Sand
6. Heart of Gold
7. A Man Needs a Maid
8. Sugar Mountain
9. Don't Let It Bring You Down
10. Love in Mind
11. The Needle and the Damage Done
12. Ohio
13. See the Sky About to Rain
14. I Am a Child
15. Dance, Dance, Dance

Tour : 1971 Journey Through the Past Solo Tour 
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica

This two-record vinyl boot must have sold a million copies, because it seems that just about everyone used to have one. The sound quality is really nice considering the audience recording technology of 1971. Neil is quite talkative, and his "comedy" on "Sugar Mountain" is hilarious. I consider this show essential to a live Neil Young collection.
This is from mint-condition records; I was told they'd been played only six times. Still, you'll notice the vinyl noise -- boots in that era were not exactly high-quality pressings. Still, it's pretty minor, I think. No effort has been made to "clean it up" -- this is how it would have sounded if you were bringing one home from a head shop in 1971. This recording has never emerged among collectors from a non-vinyl source.


How do you like your cake? With the cream on top and oozing from the sides when you take a bite? Some of us like cake for cake’s sake. When Neil Young walked on stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on February 1, 1971 in Los Angeles, he was alone without his superstar bandmates Crosby, Stills and Nash. Just his trusty harmonica, guitar and a grand piano. This was to be the first of many solo tours. This one was called A Journey Through The Past.
As was his way in the early days, Young peppered his hour-long performances with only original songs and daringly so with new songs he’d yet to record. He brimmed with confidence that his songs were enough to keep people interested. Just a glance at the setlist for this evening - Old Man, Cowgirl In The Sand, Sugar Mountain, Don’t Let It Bring You Down - showed songs that he continued to play up till the present. This evening he even included Ohio, about the four students shot dead on campus during a student demonstration against America’s war in Vietnam.
He also sang The Needle And The Damage Done, a painful reminder to himself of the dangers of drugs. And some say his simple-minded I Am A Child. Although how could anyone think of Young as simpleton when his other songs, Tell Me Why and See The Sky About To Rain, all showed he understood just how important love and compassion were. That sometimes these child-like qualities sure beat brainpower and intellectual smugness.
There he is, captured on someone’s portable reel-to-reel deck somewhere from the front rows, changing from guitar to piano, chatting with the audience and slowly singing his songs with quiet power. The kind of power that’s found in truthfulness.
1971 was a long time ago. Who would have thought we would still care for Neil Young’s music? The person who recorded this show loved the music enough to make the effort. These days you can buy an expensive hi-fi system for the price of a front-row seat to watch a show of dubious quality. But crackles and all, this bootleg, taken from a Rubber Dubber original vinyl, is the real journey through the past. The cake, so to speak, not the cream that melts away anyway. -

Original flac version:

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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

February 18, 1978
Easy Teeth
IMP 2-27
Golden Beach - Huntington Bear – California

Vinyl Bootleg


a1. Hair Pie: Bake III (2:27) mistitled Flavor Bud Living
a2. Suction Prints (5.12)
a3. Electricity (4:54)
a4. Click Clack (8:21)
a5. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond (2:07)
a6. Floppy Boot Stomp (4:23)
b1. Bat Chain Puller (6:16)
b2. Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man (4:52)
b3. Crazy Little Thing (3:12)
b4. When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy (5:22)
b5. Owed T'Alex (4:53)
c1. I Love You, You Big Dummy (0:16) poem
c2. Low Yo Yo Stuff (4:06)
c3. Pachuco Cadaver (5:02)
c4. Abba Zaba (4:57)
c5. Grow Fins (7:43)
c6. Dali's Car (1:35)
d1. China Pig (8:34)
d2. Sure 'nuff 'n Yes I Do (3:22)
d3. Sun Zoom Spark (2:30)
d4. When You Smile (0:46)
d5. Big Eyed Beans From Venus (6:11)
d6. Golden Birdies (2:37)

Total lenght: 1:39:38
Captain Beefheart/Don Van Vliet: vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Eric Drew 'Black Jew/Kitabo' Feldman: bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Robert 'Wait For Me' Williams: drums, percussion
Jeff 'Tapir/White Jew' Moris Tepper: guitar, slide-guitar
Feeler's Reedo/Walla Walla/Denny Walley: guitar, slide guitar
Harry Duncan: harmonica
Paul 'Eazy Teeth' Young: vocals (on: When You Smile)

Whitney Quinn: One time (late '70's?) I got a chance to meet him backstage at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, California, and Don and I spent about two hours in a wonderful one-on-one conversation, where we talked about everything BUT music. Being a professional musician myself, I'm not usually an awe-struck fan, but, punk kid that I was, I asked Don if he might autograph an LP for me. He said sure, so I went back to my car, came back with an armful and said, "Which one?" His eyes lit up, and Don signed every one, inscribed, "To Whitney - love over gold. Love, Don" and the date.
The things I remember most about seeing him and his band were the consistently tight ensemble playing, the roaringly powerful performances by Don himself, his gentle and playful interaction with his audiences and his beautiful soprano sax improvisation. That such creative energy can be physically contained in one body is astonishing.
(Whitney Quinn: Love Over Gold,

Richard Snyder: Side note: 'Easy Teeth' was Don's nickname for our ready-and-able road manager, Paul Young -- a man with a perpetual smile and a great organizational sense.
(Justin C. Sherill: Interview With Rick Snyder)

Steve Froy: This is a 2 record US bootleg with a heavy card cover featuring a black and white photograph on the front of Don wearing sunglasses and looking uncomfortable on a sofa. The labels are black spirals on a yellow background.
A reasonable quality but a bit bass-y recording of an excellent show which includes a rare (but not very successful!) outing for 'Sure Nuff'.
The crowd sound pretty stoked and Don attempts to calm them down between songs by reciting various lyrics, including 'Big Dummy' and 'China Pig'. He tries to gain their sympathy with "they put these damned lights on me and give me no water!". He also tells the Roland Kirk and ribs story.
Before 'Owed T'Alex' he explains the song's about Alex St Claire and his tendency to always blame things on his motorbike and then after 'Electricity' he says "that song is 25 years old ... it's a square dance .. that's right ... it's a dance for squares".
At one point he realises Bruce Fowler is in the audience and, amid much whooping from the audience, tries to get him to join the band on stage, vaguely asking someone "do you have a trombone?".
(Bootleg discography,
Full Album Mp3:


Ash Ra Temple

Paris Downers
Recorded live in Salle Wagram, Paris, December 6,1974
(Japanese Bootleg)


Manuel Göttsching (guitar),
Harmut Enke (bass)
Lutz Ulbrich (guitar)
John Strawn (synthesizer)


Led Zeppelin
March 22, 1973

Empress Valley (SD 2004)
Grugahalle - Essen - Germany

1-Rock and Roll
2-Over the Hills...
3-Black Dog
4-Misty Mountain Hop
5-Since I've Been...

1-Dancing Days
2-Bron-y-Aur Stomp
3-The Song Remains...
4-The Rain Song
5-Dazed and Confused

1-Stairway to Heaven
2-Whole Lotta Love

Empress Valley were fairly quick off the blocks to get this concert out, now that the alternate source tape came into circulation. Fortunately they have not simply copied the excellent Winston Remasters It's Been Very Nice, but they have taken the trouble to compile their own version. The new source tape comes in as Robert Plant introduces Dancing Days. It is better sounding than the original audience source tape (which still sounds pretty reasonable), and this label have decided to use all the soundboard recording, rather than only the two audience sources. This means that we have a nice chunk of the superb soundboard recording. Unfortunately there is a problem with the tape source on disc 2, track 3 (The Song Remains The Same). After the fade at 1 mins 30 secs, the tape is distorted and disturbed, which is not on the Winston Remasters version. The soundboard source comes in 5 mins 7 secs into Dazed And Confused. Prior to Stairway To Heaven Plant is grateful that they are performing live, or else he would be at the Dudley Labour Exchange. The soundboard returns at 2 mins 41 secs into Whole Lotta Love. I wish Empress Valley would take more care with these edits, rather than abrubtly cutting from the audience source to the soundboard. The trick is to blend both sources together for a few seconds, which makes for a smoother and gentler transition. Of course the highlights to this show are that it is now virtually complete, with the advent of the new source tape. The concert ends with a very spirited Heartbreaker. All the 1973 European shows are of usually extremely high standards of playing, and each one is a joy to listen to. For a change Empress Valley have done a fairly good job on this release. It comes in a fatboy clear opaque plastic jewel case, which looks much nicer than the standard black case, and the packaging is attractive too. (Jules McTrainspotter June 04)

Another inspired performance, despite the fact that there were persistent problems with Page's Les Paul. Robert: “We must ask you to cool everything for about three minutes ‘cos James's guitar is a bit fucked". After ‘Black Dog', Robert thanked the audience in Spanish — "Gracias!". ‘Since l've Been Loving You' was outstanding and featured some spine-chilling screams from Plant. 'Dancing Days' was described as a song about "the innocent love of little schoolgirls and my perversion toward it. We love little schoolgirls, fourteen or fifteen!” ’Dazed And Confused' was once again amazing. The interaction between Bonham and Page, above Jones's rock solid foundation, was truly spectacular. The speed and dexterity of both players was breathtaking. Plant joined in and ad-libbed "Do the James Brown!" and ‘Cold Sweat' during the funky section. The transition into ‘San Francisco' was now slick and professional. Jimmy included snatches of 'Walter's Walk' later in the piece.
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet)

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The Rolling Stones
March 14, 1971

London Roundhouse
Live in London Chark Farm, Roundhouse
(King snake Records 001)

1 Jumping Jack Flash
2 Live With Me
3 Dead Flowers
4 Stray Cat Blues
5 Love In Vain
6 Prodigal Son
7 Midnight Rambler
8 Bitch
9 Honky Tonk Women
10 Satisfaction

Full album Mp3:

Original Vinyl flac version:


The Rolling Stones
June 27, 1975

Hold On Tight
VGP 255
New York - Madison Square Garden

CD 01
01 Intro
02 Honky Tonk Women
03 All Down The Line
04 If You Can't Rock Me - Get Off Of My Cloud
05 Star Star
06 Gimme Shelter
07 Ain't Too Proud To Beg
08 You Gotta Move
09 You Can't Always Get What YOu Want

CD 02
01 Happy
02 Tumbling Dice
03 It's Only Rock'n'Roll
04 Introduction
05 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
06 Fingerprint File
07 Cherry Oh Baby
08 Angie
09 Wild Horses

CD 03
01 That's Life
02 Outa Space
03 Brown Sugar
04 Midnight Rambler
05 Rip This Joint
06 Street Fighting Man
07 Jumpin' Jack Flash
08 Sympathy For The Devil (with Carlos Santana)

Full Album mp3:

Original Flac Version:



The Rolling Stones
24 February 1973

West Australian Cricket Ground - Perth
Black Strap Jaket
Tarantura TCDRS 3-1:2
CD1 24 February 1973 West Australian Cricket Ground Perth

01 Brown Sugar               
02 Bitch                 
03 Rocks Off     
04 Gimme Shelter          
05 Happy            
06 Tumblin Dice              
07 Love In Vain
08 Sweet Virginia           
09 You Can't Always Get What You Want            
10 Honky Tonk Woman               
11 All Down The Line    
12 Midnight Rambler    
13 Band Intro Happy Birthday Nicky      
14 Little Queenie            
15 Rip This Joint              

The Rolling Stones Pacific Tour 1973
The tour was not associated with any album's release. The original intent was to play Australia and New Zealand, which had not seen the Stones since February and March 1966, as well as Japan, which had never seen the Stones at all.
However, the Stones' infamous 1972 American S.T.P. Tour had drawn worldwide press for its combustive mixture of group decadence and fan riots set amidst jet set hangers-on. This caused the Stones some serious drama for their Pacific visits, in that visas and work permits might be hard to get. Accordingly, the Stones scheduled some shows in Hawaii first, as a fallback in case they could not get into certain countries. Hawaiian fans camped out on Christmas night 1972 in order to buy tickets.[1]
Stones fears were confirmed when on 4 January 1973 Australia's Immigration Ministry let it be known that one of the Stones, unnamed, was banned from entering the country. On 8 January the Japanese Foreign Ministry said Mick Jagger would not be allowed into their country due to his prior drugs convictions.
On 9 January the Australians relented and said the Stones could enter. But first, the Stones announced an 18 January benefit concert at the Los Angeles Forum for victims of the recent 23 December 1972 earthquake in Nicaragua (Bianca Jagger's home country). This event was opened by Santana and Cheech & Chong, and served as the warm-up concert for the Pacific Tour. It raised more than £200,000 in relief funds.

There were a few drug-related incidents during the Australian tour, one of which reportedly resulted in a crew member being sent out of the country, but considering that Keith Richards was then at the height of his heroin addiction -- he is clearly 'whacked' during his interview with Jeune Pritchard --  the tour was remarkably trouble-free, largely thanks to the efforts of the Stones crew and Dainty's veteran tour manager Ron Blackmore. The only major incident took place during one of the concerts at Adelaide's Memorial Drive Park, when members of the 5000-strong crowd clashed with police, resulting in 21 arrests. Three days later, however Immigration Minister Al Grassby said:
"The Stones are an excellent example to Australian youth. I told them I was putting my faith in them and hoped they would do the right thing. I have no regrets that I let them in -- yes, I went out on a limb to give them visas -- to give a man a bad name and hang him is immoral and un-Australian."

50’ Documentary of Stones in Australia

Full album mp3:


The Rolling Stones
Europe Tour – 1973

Headin' For an Overload
(The King Biscuit Flower Hour)

Best Europe 1973 recordings with radio-shows as source.
Disc 2 is the original Bedspring Symphony LP by the Swingin' Pig, but without the intro. 

Disc 1:
1.Brown Sugar 
3.Gimme Shelter
4.Dancing With Mr. D.
6.You Can't Always Get What You Want
7.Midnight Rambler
8.Rip This Joint
9.Jumping Jack Flash
10.Street Fighting Man

Disc 2:
1.Gimme Shelter
2.Tumbling Dice
3.Brown Sugar
5.Honky Tonk Women
6.Midnight Rambler
7.Jumping Jack Flash
8.Street Fighting Man
9.Bonus Track: Mick Jagger / Charlie Watts Interview 1974 on the occasion of the release of It's Only   Rock 'n' Roll. 

29th September: US radio ( ) ‘The King Biscuit Flower Hour’. Live-recordings, incl.
- Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Happy (MJ/KR) -London 9.9.73
- Dancing With Mr. D (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Angie (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Midnight Rambler (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Rip This Joint (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Jumping Jack Flash (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) -London 9.9.73

More info
24th November: US radio ( ) ‘The King Biscuit Flower Hour’. Live-recordings, incl.
- Gimme Shelter (MJ/KR) -London 9.9.73
- Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (MJ/KR) -London 9.9.73
- Angie (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Midnight Rambler (MJ/KR) -Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- All Down The Line (MJ/KR) - Brussels 17.10.73, 1st show
- Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) -London 9.9.73
Note: Repeated in the last week of December


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Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Royal Theatre Drury Lane, London,UK

01 Pictures At An Exhibition Part 1
02 Pictures At An Exhibition Part 2
03 Knife Edge

01 Take A Pebble
02 Tarkus

Live in Royal Theatre Drury Lane, London, England, June 20. 1971.
Originally released on double vinyl album. This cd is copied from vinyl, but the result is very good. It's the same concert as "The Palms", but here the tracks are complete with start and ending. It also includes "Knife Edge" and "Take a Pebble", but "Rondo" is missing (you'll find that on "The Palms").

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October 11, 1985

Austin, TX

Prowler Records - 2001
Soundboard Recording

Disc 1:
1. Fly On The Wall
2. Back In Black
3. Shake Your Foundations
4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
5. You Shook Me All Night Long
6. Sin City
7. Jailbreak
8. The Jack
9. Shoot To Thrill

Disc 2:
1. Highway To Hell
2. Sink The Pink
3. Whole Lotta Rosie
4. Let There Be Rock
5. Hell's Bells
6. TNT
7. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

I've been on an AC/DC high ever since their excellent show in Philly On Nov. 17, 2008 and I've been trying to update my live collection from the boys. I had this show in crappy 128 kbps mp3 form for a while now, but I just received this in a snail mail trade of a few shows from another reliable collector, who told me it was ripped from his silver CDs. I must say it sounds much brighter than the version I'd been listening to.  The track breaks are kind of weird in that the songs don't start until about 10-15 seconds into the track, but it doesn't bother me at all.  The show itself is fantastic and Brian is in fine vocal form here.  People always knock this album (Fly On The Wall) but I always liked it and would have loved to see this tour but I was too damn young! Plus this is one of the very few soundboards from the Brian Johnson years, and the sound quality on this one is 10 times better than most of the others. I've included some artwork that I downloaded for a version of this show called "Fly On Tour" which is not what I was told this one is, but the songs and track numbers match up.  Get this one now and enjoy! (Note from original seeder)

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Led Zeppelin     
11/06/ 1972

Baltimore 1972
Civic Center , Baltimore, Maryland

(Immigrant 026-028)

1   Immigrant Song                                        
2   Heartbreaker                                             
3   Black Dog                                     
4   Since I've Been Loving You                   
5   Stairway To Heaven                
6   Going To California                  
7   Thats The Way                                          

1   Tangerine                                    
2   Bron-Y-Aur Stomp                                   
3   Dazed And Confused                             
4   What Is And What Should Never Be
5   Moby Dick                                   

1   Whole Lotta Love                                     
2   Rock And Roll                                             
3   Communication Breakdown                

The tape of the concert as featured in this Wardour's new title was in the past released by several other labels. Among such past releases, I own Baby Face's "Nutty And Cool" and TDOLZ's "Baltimore Jack". The quality of the sound as featured in TDOLZ's title is very inferior. Therefore, I rather concentrated on the comparison of Wardour's title with Baby Face's. Since the recording levels of the two titles are different (Baby Face's being higher and Wardour's being lower), a precise comparison is technically not very easy. As I hear them on the same level of volume, I don't think there is any difference in the generation of the tape used in the two titles. Baby Face's title sounds very punchy and is not bad. However, the punch seems to come from the artificial boost of the sound both in its higher and lower ends. In comparison, Wardour's title has a good deep sound especially in its middle range and, thus, sounds more natural and cleaner. Therefore, if we turn up the volume, Wardour's title is more enjoyable and endurable to keep listening to than Baby Face's. In the meantime, I have heard that Flagg's title "The Axman of Cometh" featuring the same tape has an excellent sound, possibly better than Baby Face's. But since I don't own Flagge's title, I would have to defer to the opinion of other people who own it as to which of the sounds as featured in Flagg's title and Wardour's is better. Wardour's title comes in a fatboy jewel case. The pictures used for the title are not particularly attractive but the one (or ones?) used for the front cover seems a bit rare. (Takemi Hiramatsu July 05 )

Press Review: "Led Zeppelin Shows Distinctive Style"
Led Zeppelin, playing to a capacity crowd of nearly 13,000 at the Civic Center Sunday night, amply demonstrated how it became the number one British rock band after the death of the Beatles as a group.
Led Zeppelin has been known primarily for heavy electronic rock. One of the most pleasant parts of the concert Sunday night was an acoustic interlude with drummer John Bonham laying out and Page, Plant and Jones (playing mandolin) seated before microphones at the front of the stage. They did several songs, including Going to California and Tangerine, the highlight of which was the tight interplay between the mandolin and guitar.
After this demonstration of their versatility the group settled into their more familiar material – Dazed and Confused and Whole Lotta Love.
These tunes – very loud, tough and driving rock and roll – are what made Led Zeppelin’s name. Plant’s amazingly mobile voice, as variable an instrument as Page’s guitar and capable of almost as many special effects, is used to its greatest effect here – uncannily echoing the guitar phrases of turning up in the ensemble sound in unexpected but usually correct places. On the strength of this interweaving effect of voice and guitar, Page and Plant probably could get by as a duo.
For his part, Page has curbed his zeal for excessively long solos – although he uncorked one on Dazed and Confused, that was outstanding mainly for its length, in favor of more pungent statements. He also has given up fretting with the mike stand, an early device and now bows the guitar strings, brandishing the bow high in the air after sawing away at the strings to conduct the after-notes  echoing through the speakers. Page and Led Zeppelin have both come a long way since their first appearance in this area at the Laurel Pop Festival in 1969. (Balt. Sun, June 1972)

This show got off to a bad start with Robert having trouble with the lyrics to 'lmmigrant Song' and repeating the first line twice, but it developed into the best night of the tour so far. ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You' was introduced as 'a song of love, a triangle of love' and was an outstanding performance. "'This is conceived in a moment of blindness — when blindness meets the dark!" was Roberts rather pretentious introduction to 'Stairway To Heaven'. Before the acoustic set, Robert told the crowd about the Elvis concert: ”We went to see Elvis Presley. That guy did so much for music – long time ago, mind you! His voice has gone down about two or three tones and seemed to have changed a bit and his waist is a bit bigger? Bonham joined the band on vocals for ‘Bron Yr Aur Stomp'. Plant: “We'd like to put a spotlight on our percussionist who's singing. This is the ninth tour of America and we finally got him to a microphone. Weighing 204 pounds, the good times have put their toll on himl"
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet)

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Reo Speedwagon
September 29, 1981

"Keep On Loving You"
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.

(Fire Power / FP-025)

Set List :

01. Keep Pushin'
02. Only The Strong Survive
03. Tough Guys
04. In Your Letter
05. Time For Me To Fly
06. Keep On Loving You
07. 157 Riverside Avenue
08. Take It On The Run
09. Roll With The Changes
10. Flying Turkey Trot - Guitar Solo
11. Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight
12. Back On The Road Again
13. Ridin' The Storm Out
14. Shake It Loose

Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight - September 29, 1981

The REO Speedwagon Line-Up :

Kevin Cronin (Vocals, Guitars)
Gary Richrath (Lead Guitars)
Bruce Hall (Bass)
Neal Doughty (Keyboards)
Alan Gratzer (Drums, Percussion).

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The Rolling Stones

1969-11-26 Baltimore, Civic Center

1969-11-29 Boston, Boston Garden (2nd show)

Some Satanic Tour



Baltimore, Civic Center November 26 1969

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash

2. Carol

3. Sympathy For The Devil

4. Stray Cat Blues

5. Love In Vain

6. You Gotta Move

7. Under My Thumb / I'm Free

8. Midnight Rambler

9. Live With Me
10. ( I Can't Get No ) Satisfaction
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Little Queenie

Boston, Boston Garden November 29 1969 2nd show

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash
2. Carol
3. Sympathy For The Devil
4. Stray Cat Blues
5. Love In Vain
6. Prodigal Son
7. You Gotta Move
8. Under My Thumb
9. Midnight Rambler
10. Live With Me
11. Little Queenie
12. ( I Can't Get No ) Satisfaction
13. Honky Tonk Women
14. Street Fighting Man

The Stones make a claim for the high ground in 1969 with the Beatles broken-up and a new guitarist in the band whose main purpose is to facilitate touring and live performance which would have otherwise been doubtful with founding member Brian Jones whose ability to freely enter the US (drug busts) and play grueling consecutive nights and two shows a day would have been unpredictable at best. The Stones are more or less living together after the Hyde Park free concert on July 5, 1969. They stay at "Oriole House" in LA and are rehearsing at Stephen Stills' basement in Laurel Canyon prior to the tour launch on November 7, 1969. By the time they open in Colorado it's clear that this isn't the nervous unrehearsed line up that debuted in Hyde Park, they are loud and menacing. New guitarist Mick Taylor is blending in and band is coming together as a live force to be reckoned with. This is our journey through America 40 years on with "The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band In World"!

Richard Cole, Led Zeppelin's tour manager, was quoted in The Hammer Of The Gods that, after comparing The Rolling Stones' afternoon concert in Oakland on November 8th, 1969 with Zeppelin's show at the Winterland in San Francisco later that evening, that the Stones were "dead". I always thought that was unfair since Jagger himself called the early west coast shows "ragged" compared to the later shows on the east coast. It wasn't until they hit Detroit that they began to loosen up a bit and deliver killer shows. Some Satanic Tour documents two concerts at the tail end that are bookends to the New York shows that make up the bulk of the official live release Get Yer Ya Ya's Out.
The first disc has the complete Baltimore concert from November 26th. DAC have utilized three different tape sources to complete the show. The first source runs from the beginning through to "Love In Vain". This source was previously released as Live In Baltimore 1969 & More (Moonlight Records ML 9637) and on the miss-named Live In Washington 1969 & More (Totonka). This source is very good being close to excellent. I'd rate it an eight out of ten. The second source picks up with "You Gotta Move" ("Prodigal Son" wasn't performed in this show) and goes to the end of "Honky Tonk Women". Previous releases using this include Baltimore 1969 on Digger (DP9305) and Devil's Discipline on Vinyl Gang (VGP-211). This source is just a notch below the first, perhaps a seven out of ten. A third incomplete source recently surfaced on the internet. It is significant since it contains the previously undocumented final song "Street Fighting Man". Some had speculated that this song wasn't even performed this evening, but now we know that it was. This source is only fair, however.
The edits between the sources are absolutely flawless. On the first two listens through I didn't even realize there were three sources at work, but only two (the third is very obvious). DAC must have worked the first two tape sources to be almost sonically similar, and the edits between them is hardly noticeable producing what has to be the definitive version of this show. It certainly deserves such treatment because it is miles above the earlier dates. "Love In Vain" was used for the official release. "Sympathy For The Devil" hits a classic groove that has Jagger getting carried away to throw in a bit of "Hey Jude". And "Under My Thumb" has a bit of "I'm Free" thrown in, a truely unique experience.
The second disc is another release of the second Boston show from November 29th, but this is a new tape source. Well You Heard About The Boston...Live 1969 on Exile (EXCD-038) and Have You Heard About The Boston on Scorpio were released almost simultaneously with the DAC. One collector has suggested that the other two releases failed to correct the problem with the tape source which ran too fast. But this release on DAC has corrected it and again, just like with the Baltimore tape, it is excellent sounding and complete and another excellent performance. Some Satanic Tour also has three photos, front, back and inside, from this very concert bringing you into the event.

A review from the press observed; "The turning point was their long, theatrical straight old Stones "Midnight Rambler". Against the impressive guitar work, Jagger sang and acted out the story of a rapist, with explosive contortions, down on the floor, taking off his belt, almost throwing the microphone into the crowd. And when it was over, the Stones had everyone in the audience digging them on their own terms. Then they whipped into some of their best songs: "Satisfaction", "Honky Tonk Women" and finally "Street Fighting Man". But not before Jagger had the house lights on so he could see his audience and exclaim (taunt?) 'Are you not beautiful!?'" This is one of the best Stones releases to come out recently and is a definite must own. (GS)

The US was in political turmoil at the time, and some militant groups tried to portray the tour as a call for radical political action, especially in light of the Rolling Stones' 1968 track "Street Fighting Man". The Rolling Stones themselves had no such interest, and while on tour Mick Jagger publicly rebuffed a request for support from the Black Panthers. Stones media appearances during the tour featured typical banter of the time on other issues; while other members of the group affected boredom, Jagger gave non-sequitur responses to cultural questions, and said of New York, "It's great. It changes. It explodes."
The tour sold over $1 million worth of tickets, with ticket prices ranging from $4.50 to $8.00. This tour represented a new financial model for rock acts pioneered by Ronnie Schneider, the sole producer and financial manager of the tour. Schneider was the nephew of Allen Klein, who had been recently fired by Keith Richards and tour manager Sam Cutler.

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January 21, 1978

The Kings Return
Budokan hall, Tokyo

Rising Arrow 004S

01: Over The Rainbow
02: Kill The King
03: Mistreated
04: Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
05: Catch The Rainbow
06: Long Live Rock'n Roll
07: Man On The Silver Mountain
08: Blues
09: Lazy - Man On The Silver Mountain

01: Still I'm Sad
02: Beethoven 9th ~ David Stone Keyboard Solo
03: Cozy Powell Drum Solo Feat 1812 Overture
04: Still I'm Sad (Reprise)
05: Somewhre Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar
Ronnie James Dio: Vocals
Bob Dalsley: Bass
David Stone: Keyboards
Cozy Powell: Drums

Rainbow - January  1978

11.01.78 [ ]  Nagoya Shi Kokaido Honshu, Japan
Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad/Do You Close Your Eyes.
Bootlegged on CD as Full Moon and Brain Slowly Dies.
12.01.78 [ ]   Hiroshima Kenritsu Taiikukan Honshu, Japan

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad/Do You Close Your Eyes.
Bootlegged on CD as Ship From Hiroshima.
13.01.78 [ ] Kumamoto Kenritsu Taiikukan Kyushu, Japan

14.01.78 [ ]   Fukuoka Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan Kyushu, Japan

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad/Do You Close Your Eyes.
Bootlegged on CD as Sadistic Rainbow. Encore also included on the bootleg CD The Last Day [from Tokyo].
16.01.78 [ ]   Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Honshu, Japan

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad.
Bootlegged on CD as I See A Glow and four tracks on LP and CD as Satisfaction.
17.01.78 [ ]   Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Honshu, Japan

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad/Do You Close Your Eyes.
Bootlegged on CD as On Tour 1978 - Starstruck and Succubus 78.
18.01.78 [ ]   Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall Honshu, Japan

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad/Do You Close Your Eyes.
Bootlegged on CD as Dark And Light [though credited to Osaka].
20.01.78 [ ]   Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan Honshu, Japan

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Catch The Rainbow/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Still I'm Sad.
Bootlegged on CD as Walk On The Rainbow and Long Live Rainbow. Ronnie's "Captain Cornflakes" [in Man On The Silver Mountain] bootlegged on LP on Deep Purple And Split Groups.
21.01.78 [ ]   Tokyo Budokan Honshu, Japan

22.01.78 [ ]   Tokyo Budokan Honshu, Japan

24.01.78 [ ]   Koriyama Shimin Kaikan Honshu, Japan

27.01.78 [ ]   Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center Hokkaido, Japan - a young female college student was killed and several others injured as the crowd rushed the stage.

Kill The King/Mistreated/Sixteenth Century Greensleeves/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll/Lazy-Man On The Silver Mountain/Catch The Rainbow/Still I'm Sad/Do You Close Your Eyes.
Bootlegged on CD as An Act Of God and Misconduct.
28.01.78 [ ]   Tokyo Budokan Honshu, Japan - extra show, not on original itinerary.

29.01.78 [ ] Akita Kenmin Kaikan Honshu, Japan

31.01.78 [ ]   Niigata Kenmin Kaikan Honshu, Japan


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Led Zeppelin

The Bringer Of War
Trentham Gardens - Stoke

Liquid Led (LLP-0810-015)

Disc 1
01. Rock And Roll
02. Over The Hills And Far Away
03. Black Dog
04. Misty Mountain Hop
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. Dancing Days
07. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song                          

Disc 2
01. Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco, The Crunge, Voodoo Chile, Mars: The Bringer Of War)     
02. Stairway To Heaven                              
03. Whole Lotta Love

Great SBD recording!

"I'd just turned 16 in late '70 and a school chum was real keen to show me some records he found at home in a large carry case and that belonged to a lodger.  Curiosity almost killed the cat - we were caught red-handed pilfering through his prized collection of Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator, Soft Machine, Blodwyn Pig and other rarities including a newly purchased Led Zeppelin II album which was in my sticky little mitts as he walked in and almost had a heart attack!  That album cover blew me away and that was where it all began - in my friend's living room with the lodger verbally assaulting us for he was worth. The last time I saw Zepp was at Trentham Gardens, Stoke-On-Trent and after listening to Broken Fingers I can't ever remember Plant sounding that bad!  I was right in the front row, cross-legged between him and Page and just missed catching his bow after he finished his section on D&C.  It was in tatters!!  Everyone jumped for it.  The set went on for a lot longer than any CD I've seen of this concert - almost 3 hours if I'm not mistaken and there was no warm-up band.  My head was still ringing the following week.  I don't think any of my friends or myself were prepared for the sheer volume and force of the playing.  I still have very fond memories, especially after the doors opened and we sprinted like athletes on steroids to get the best place.  Awesome!  I wish I still had the ticket stubs.  My mum threw everything away after I left home, including programmes!!!!!!  The '71 show was at The Place. I can't remember it very well and only as a vague memory.  I was hopping from concert to concert in those days - Black Sabbath, Mayfair Ballroom in Birmingham, where everyone seemed to be smoking and stubbing out the dog ends in the thickest red pile carpet I'd ever seen.  Buxton pop festival, Yes, Rory Gallagher, Wishbone Ash and so on.  What a period in music history - kids today don't have any heroes, or so it seems."

Liquid Led seem to fall of the radar since it's last release in July of  '09 (Another Cup Of Tea) and now 13 months later, poof.... Liquid's 15th installment into Zeppelin's dirary of boot haven. From start to finish The Bringer Of War is simply amazing! It seems to have that '75 board feel. This release has all the standard cuts but what stood out for me was the clarity and sonic definition. Stand-outs are: Black Dog, Dancing Days, Dazed, and Stairway. Wonderful artwork accompanies this release for (IMO) the best package of this show to date.

Another relaxed and enjoyable performance. Plant stated that *Black Dog' was about "a Labrador that used to come with us when we went shooting people   we don't shoot animals!" and that 'Misty Mountain Hop' was a song about “what happens if you walk through the park and there’s a load of hairies sitting in a circle — dedicated to Rizlas". ‘Daxec1 And Confused’ contained both ‘San Francisco' and 'The Crunge'. Afterwards, Plant “ sighed: "Well, that wasn't a bad 20 minutes, was it? There's very few bands that play for three hours and we are nearly ready for the old age pension." Page began 'WhoIe Lotta Love' with a few riffs from jimi Hendrix’s ‘Voodoo Chile', before Plant ·' got carried away with Everybody Needs Somebody - "l wanna tell all you soul brothers that just came from The Place. That this is where it’s really at. This is where soul started!" — Soul started in Stoke! During ’Boogie Chillun", Plant ad-libbed "Do you notice that the windows are so steamed up that it must be good" Unusually, the final blues section was not performed  tonight. Fan Robin Dearden, who attended the show, was sure they performed ‘liour Sticl<'s as an extra encore though no recorded evidence has surfaced to back up the claim.
(from: “ Led Zeppelin The Concert File” by D. Lewis, S Pallet)

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Ten Years After

"Live In Concert"
Philadelphia Spectrum

1. Love Like A Man
2. I'm Coming On
3. Slow Blues In C
4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
5. Hobbit
Runtime 36 minutes
Really rare bootleg, released on vinyl

Original show also with:
Procol Harum
Leon Russell

I think this bootleg has gotten a bad reputation, which it does not deserve. The concert itself is much better recorded than you might believe, and the performance is exciting. What has held it back from true stardom is the really bad CBM pressing. Fortunately, my copy is fairly clean and free of hiss caused during manufacture.
A fair amount of restoration work went into this piece. Large individual pops and clicks were "painted out", and the rest were filtered with Sound Forge's excellent vinyl suite. You can now hear the music clearly.
(original torrent notes by DoinkerTape)

Very Poor Quality-Sounds Tinny, Echo, Distorted. But it is Ten Years After, and it is rare to hear a recording of “I’m Coming On” performed live in 1970 even if it’s from forty rows back and from under someone’s seat. Every bootleg has it’s special appeal, and this recording is a prime example. It’s basically worthless, but it’s from the participants vantage point, and that makes it slightly interesting.  

Full Album mp3:

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30 & 31 – 12 - 1970

Live At The Fillmore East
DC 31019

Disc 1

1. Never In My Life

2. Don't Look Around

3. Mississippi Queen

4. Baby I'm Down

5. Long Red

6. Silver Paper

7. Solo

Disc 2

1. The Animal Trainer And The Toad

2. Nantucket Sleighride

3. For Yasgur's Farm

4. Tavellin' In The Dark

5. Blood Of The Sun

6. Dreams Of Milk And Honey

7. Auld Lang Syne

Leslie West - Guitar & Vocals

Felix Pappalardi - Bass & Vocals

Steve Knight - Keyboards

Corky Laing  - Drums

EX Soundboard recording!

These recordings were professionally done over two nights and were originally intended for release as a double live album.  Sequenced for four LP sides, and taken from two different nights, this is not the same running order as in the original concerts.  I have no information about the actual running order.  However, based on boots I've heard I would suggest: - "Never In My Life" probably did open the show  - "Mississippi Queen" is usually played near the end of a show - The guitar solo is usually before "Dreams of Milk And Honey" Personally, I thought the original art for this release was bad.  So I made my own.  I have included both mine and the original so you can use what you like.
From original liner note at

There is no better example of Mountain at the height of its powers than this New Year's Eve concert at Fillmore East. The band was based out of Forest Hills so they were surrounded by friends, family, and an extremely enthusiastic audience. They had recently released their strongest and most cohesive album, Nantucket Sleighride and this great new material combined with the success of their previous album and single, "Mississippi Queen," inspires the group to play at peak capacity.
Following the Happy New Year introduction, the recording begins with a powerful take on "Never In My Life," featuring Leslie West's massive guitar tone and the pummeling rhythm section of Pappalardi and Laing. They follow with a new song off Nantucket Sleighride called "Don't Look Around," which continues the intensity level. The hard rock crunch of "Mississippi Queen" is next and they have some fun with the arrangement, expanding the guitar solos and doubling the length of the album version.
Mountain next treats the home-town audience to a pair of relatively rare performances of "Baby, I'm down" and "Long Red," both sourced from Leslie West's first pre-Mountain LP. Considerable jamming occurs in both and West's screeching voice never sounded more appropriate or passionate. Felix Pappalardi steps up to the microphone next for one of the best tracks from their previous album, Silver Paper, taking a more melodic approach, but still maintaining the bands distinctive crunch. An intriguing 10 minute guitar solo by West follows. This remarkably fluid solo electric guitar performance is quite captivating and shows that West, although highly influence by Clapton and Hendrix, was breaking ground and developing into a truly great and imaginative guitar player in his own right.

Full Album mp3

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Jimi Hendrix

San Fernando Valley State College

June 20, 1969

Newport 1969 Pop Festival

(Watchtower WT 2001023/24/25)

Disc 1 (The Experience):

Soundboard recording

From roll 5 and 6

60 min, 2-track ampex - no dolby

01. Stone Free                  

02. Are You Experienced?        

03. Villanova Junction          

04. Stone Free (part two)       

05. Sunshine Of Your Love       

06. Fire                       

07. Hear My Train A Comin'      

08. Red House                   

09. Foxy Lady                   

10. Like A Rolling Stone        

11. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

12. Purple Haze 

Jimi Hendrix: guitar, vocal.

Mitch Mitchell: drums

Noel Redding: Bass



DISC 2 (All Star Jam pt.1):
01. Earth vs Space - Gypsy Eyes - Keep On Groovin' - Red House, Machine Gun    
02. The Things I Used To Do
03. Blues Instrumental - We Gotta Live Together 
04. Feel So Good            
DISC 3 (All Star Jam pt.2):
01. Train Kept A Rollin'
02. Power Of Soul - Earth Blues   
03. Hear My Train A Comin'        
04. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)  
05. Fast Jam - Sunshine Of Your Love - Come On (part 1) - Star Spangled Banner   

"All Star" musicians (different sources list different  musicians for bass and sax): Jimi Hendrix: Guitar, Vocal - Eric Burdon: Vocal - Tracy Nelson: Vocal - Buddy Miles: Drums - Lee Oskar: Harmonica - "Sunshine": Vocal - Cornelius "Snooky" Flowers: Sax or Guitar (?) - Tom Webb: Sax (?) - Terry Clements: Sax (?) - Brad Cambell: Bass (?) - Bob Arthur: Bass (?)

Discs 2 & 3:
Stereo soundboard recording
From roll 14, 15 and 16
100 min, 2-track ampex, no dolby     

The "Newport 69" Festival

Attended by 150,000 fans, the festival on June 20–22, 1969 was the largest pop concert up to that time and is considered the more famous of the two Newport Pop Festivals, possibly because of the appearance of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, which got top billing at the venue. Devonshire Downs was a racetrack at that time but now is part of the North Campus for California State University at Northridge.

Friday, June 20, 1969
Albert King, Edwin Hawkins Singers, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Joe Cocker, Southwind, Spirit and Taj Mahal.

Saturday, June 21, 1969
Albert Collins, Brenton Wood, Buffy Ste. Marie, Charity, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eric Burdon, Friends of Distinction, Jethro Tull, Lee Michaels, Love, Steppenwolf and Sweetwater.

Sunday, June 22, 1969
Booker T & the MGs, Chambers Brothers, Flock, The Grass Roots, Johnny Winter, Marvin Gaye, Mother Earth, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Eric Burdon, and Mother Earth (jam), Poco (formerly Pogo), The Byrds, The Rascals and Three Dog Night .

Full Download here

Flac Version

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Original video footage - pt1 - Watch all video at:


Black Sabbath

Master Of Winterland
Winterland Ballroom - San Francisco
Reel Masters - 004

01: Intro

02: N.I.B.

03: War Pigs

04: Sweet Leaf

05: Iron Man

06: Wicked World

07: Guitar Solo

08: Wicked World (Reprise)

09: Embryo

10: Children Of The Grave

11: Paranoid (Cut In)

12: Fairies Wear Boots

Audience recording; nice sound, sometimes a bit distant but well balanced. One of the most comprehensive tracklist of 1971-72 tour.

I saw Black Sabbath on March 16, 1971, in Kansas City, MO. It was at Memorial Hall and was sold out. J Geils Band opened and really got things going. Fantastic Detroit boogie! Song I remember most was an extended version of Serves You Right To Suffer with a great harmonica solo. It didn't go with the Sabbath sound, but got everyone in the audience fired up. Next up was Sabbath and the hall was buzzing with energy. No one knew exactly what to expect. I remember the PA speakers looked really long coffins stacked up! I think they started with War Pigs. No stage sets, just some spot lights. And so loud. They got about half way through and the PA's went out and all you could hear were their amps. Then the PA's came back on and they were normal for the ending. The place went nuts anyway and were on their chairs for the remaining of the show. They had lots of sound problems for the entire show, cutting in and out. But they played a full show and the crowd loved them. They got really pissed about the sound. At one point Bill Ward threw his snare drum! They wore street clothes...jeans, black tee shirts. Nothing fancy just one intense concert. Tony played a long, intense solo and was just fantastic throughout the evening. Geezer was just all over the place, hair flying. Ozzy was the cheer leader and was in great voice. The power of Bill's drums was amazing. I actually snuck in a 8-track recorder and recorded the whole show! I remember the tape player in my panel truck eating the tape about a year later. (no copy) This was one of the most important concerts of my life. (Tom - Kansas City, MO)

The second-generation rock audience (that is, those who went steady to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and got serious with Highway 62 Revisited) suffer mightily wrestling with the phenomenon represented by Grank Funk and Black Sabbath. If nothing else, though, both Funk and Sabbath are for all their monotony at least supremely consistent — as opposed to schtick collectors with no personal vision like Deep Purple. And since when is monotony so taboo in rock & roll, anyway? Rock has been — some of the best of it too in large part monotonous from the beginning, hypnotically so, as rightwingers would say. As far apart as they are, Black Sabbath is only slightly more monotonous than James Taylor or Joni Mitchell, and any Stooges or MC5 fan who disdains Black Sabbath is just bigoted.

The thing is that, like all the best rock & rollers since the Pleistocene era, Black Sabbath (and Grand Funk) have a vision that informs their music with unity and direction and makes their simple structures more than they might seem. Grand Funk's vision is one of universal brotherhood (as when they have spoken of taking their millions to the White House with a list of demands), but Black Sabbath's, until Master of Reality anyway, has concentrated relentlessly on the self-immolating underside of all the beatific Let's Get Together platitudes of the counter culture.

Their first album found them still locked lyrically into the initial Spiritualist-Satanic hype and was filled out mostly with jamming, while Paranoid reflected that theme only, in the great line in "War Pigs": "Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses." The rest of the album dealt mostly with social anomie in general, from the title track's picture of total disjuncture (rendered with authentic power too) to "Iron Man's" picture of an unloved Golem in a hostile world, the stark picture of ultimate needle-freak breakdown painted in the philippic "Hand of Doom," and finally the unique "Fairies Wear Boots": "I went walkin' late last night Suddenly I got a fright/I looked in the window, was surprised what I saw/Fairies in boots dancin' with the broads!"

Lester Bangs, 25 November 1971 "Review Master of Reality", in Rolling Stones. (excerpt)

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The Pretty Things

Hyde and Psych

Deep Six - 21

The correct tracklist should be:

01 - Why?

02 - Talking About The Good Times

03 - Alexander

04 - Mr Evasion / I See You / My White Bycicle

(Live in Hyde Park, London, England, July 27, 1968)

05 - Why?

06 - Talking About The Good Times

07 - Talking About The Good Times (pt.2)

08 - Alexander

09 - Renaissance Fair

10 - S.F. Sorrow Is Born

11 - She Says Good Morning

12 - Mr Evasion

13 - Mr Evasion (pt.2)

(Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 29, 1969)

Not really the best sounding bootleg (especially the tracks at Paradiso got a very muddy and audience sound) but still a rare window to listen to some of the rarest British psychedelic live music ever. The brief liaison of Pretty Things with acid and underground lasted about a year but gave one of the greatest masterpieces of the period: S.F. Sorrow.

In this live you can listen to some amazing raga-rock versions of songs such as “Why” (15 minutes ...) or Talking About The Good Times, as some pieces from S.F. Sorrow. All in a rock temple like the Amsterdam Paradiso, where in those same ’69 days, also played the Soft Machine: a performace later published in another Lp that should be not missed!



Led Zeppelin 
Alexandra Palace, London
23 - 12 - 1972

Disturbance House
Wendy (wecd 52/53)

Disc 1:

1-Rock & Roll
2-Over the Hills and Far Away
3-Black Dog
4-Misty Mountain Hop
5-Since I've Been Loving You

6-Dancing Days

7-Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

8-The Song Remains the Same

9-The Rain Song

Disc 2:

1-Dazed & Confused

2-Stairway to Heaven

3-Whole Lotta Love


Disturbance House is Wendy's companion volume to Riot House.  Unlike the December 22nd show this never saw a vinyl release but first surfaced commercially on Merry Christmas Mr. Jimmy (LS-7208/7209) on Lemon Song and later on the three disc set The Titanic  (IQ-016/17/18) on Image Quality.  Lemon Song moved "Dazed & Confused" out of sequence to fit the tape on to two discs (something which really wasn't necessary).  Image Quality split the show over three discs and used a copy of the tape that ran noticeably too slow, but did put a picture from the actual gig on the front cover. 

Wendy sourced this from the first generation; it runs at the correct speed and sounds good but distant.  The main culprit is the PA and the venue itself.  Reviews afterwards stated that the sound mix was poor past the first thirty rows in the hall and didn't reach the back at all.  In fact the back rows were huddled to the middle but it is as if there is a vacuum above the stage sucking away much of the sound giving it a muddy quality.  It is a similar timbre to the previous evening's first tape source although this one isn't as dull and flat.  It does have some liveliness to it and is very enjoyable as a whole although there is a lot of hiss present.

Like the previous evening this is another hot show.  Plant remembers the early days when they played venues where "you got a concussion if you moved" on stage.  After saying he wants everybody to be brothers and sisters ("and I hope the press didn't catch that") he dedicated "Misty Mountain Hop" to the Manchester CID and suggests they all leave the faucets running after the show.  "Dazed & Confused" contains a very violent John Bonham right before the call and response part in the improvisation that even has Plant calling him to cool it.  Plant stops "Stairway To Heaven" and asks the audience to sit down and be quiet since it is "one of the hardest numbers to do with a monkey house going crazy".  Again before "Whole Lotta Love" people shout out requests including "Moby Dick".  Plant replies he's writing a new drum solo called "The Titanic".  "Heartbreaker" is the only encore and is dedicated to Roy Harper.  

The artwork is again an homage to the Hyatt House theme, giving this a red background with photo of Plant from the Sydney, Australia gig.  The back has more nice pictures of the Hyatt in Los Angeles and a picture of the band from 1975 continuing the non-sequiturs.  Regardless it would be three years before Zeppelin would play in the capital again at Earl's Court and is a mystery why these shows aren't more well known.  The shows are very good and makes many wish the complete tapes were in as good as quality as the second source for the December 22nd show and hope that fragment isn't all that exists.  However this release by Wendy is pretty good and is worth having.  

(Gerald Sparaco notes from bootreview)

UK Tour ’72-‘73

High-quality stereo soundboard bootleg recordings have been distributed on the internet from the January 7 show at Oxford and the January 22 show at Southampton. The ambiance is very intimate on these recordings, as these were small theatre-size venues. The Southampton show was professionally recorded and intended for an official release, but the performance quality was not deemed adequate. Instead, Jimmy Page selected the Madison Square Garden shows from later in the year for the live album The Song Remains the Same (1976). The mellotron track from "Stairway to Heaven" which was included on the live album How The West Was Won (2003) was actually from the January 22 Southampton show; all of the other material on this album came from the 1972 shows in Southern California.


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Blues Booze 'n' Tattoos
Atlantis Record Bar Convention, Nashville, TN, USA

1. Introduction
2. Live Wire
3. Problem Child
4. Sin City

5. Gone Shootin' 

6. Whole Lotta Rosie         

7. Rocker 

Vinyl red: 200 copies, white: 200 copies, blue: 100 copies (published as Nashville Pussies)

Comes with a color insert with rare band pictures

Price information:

An average price of 29 EUR was calculated from 4 sales.

(lowest: 22 EUR , highest: 32 EUR)

Very nice FM from SBD. Sound clear and balanced. Quite brief but furious and raw performance, full of energy and electricity, beyond the (very high) ‘78 standards. Highlights include Live Wire and a powerful Sin City. Also very interesting the rare and “dark” Gone Shootin'. Infectious the final rave-up of Rocker.


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Led Zeppelin

25th June 1972 – L.A. Forum

Burn Like A Candle


1. LA Drone
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. Black Dog
6. Since I've Been Loving You

7. Stairway To Heaven

8. Going To California

9. That's The Way

10. Tangerine

11. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

12. Dazed & Confused (includes Walter's Walk,The Crunge) 

13. What Is And What Should Never Be

14. Dancing Days

15. Moby Dick

16. Whole Lotta Love 

17. Rock And Roll

18. The Ocean

19. Louie Louie/Every Day People/Organ Solo

20. Thank You

21. Communication Breakdown

22. Bring It On Home

This great concert from the LA Forum in 1972 has been released many times before by a number of labels. However, for one reason or another there have been some problems with all the releases. Fortunately Genuine Masters have got hold of an upgraded sound for this audience recording. Equally important, they have tracked down an alternate source audience recording of the concert too. This has been used to fill the few small cuts and gaps present in the main source. The sound now presented is excellent, although Plant's voice is still a little distorted, but that is on the original recording and little can be done regarding this. All the instruments sound really crisp and sharp. Genuine Masters have the ability to give good bottom end and also good top end too, which is very hard to achieve. Time after time listening to many releases that appear from the Land Of The Rising Sun, they give you one or the other, but never both. The drums in particular sound really clear, and for much of the time whilst watching and listening to this DVD I tried to concentrate on the genuis that was, is, and always will be, the incomparable John Henry Bonham. His stunning performance is a joy to hear, and very enjoyable. Often though I had to divert my listening attention to Jimmy Page, who was in fine form that night, with some superb playing. So many wonderful songs, to mention the Whole Lotta Love Medley for one. The 1972 US Tour is always a real treat to listen to, some incredible playing and performances from all four members of the band are virtually guaranteed. Towards the end of the tour the 'LA drone' was used at the start of the concert as the band came on stage. This music lulls you into a relaxed frame of mind, only to be abruptly halted with the crashing opening of The Immigrant Song. The title for this concert should of course be "Burn That Candle", as that is the proposed title referred to by Plant that night, for the upcoming fifth album. However "Burn Like A Candle" was the title used for the first release on CD many years ago on the Smoking Pig label, along with new and superb artwork especially commissioned, by William Stout. This is a classic concert and has now been presented in a really high quality sound and is complete. Incredibly the entire 191 minute concert has been fitted onto a single DVD, a remarkable technical achievement. The usual quality artwork on the cover, and the menu on the DVD allows easy and quick access to all the songs. This release is well worth seeking out, highly recommended. (Jules McTrainspotter June 05).

As many of you probably know, this new GM title features one of those concerts which are most enjoyable throughout the live history of Led Zeppelin. This was due to the fact that the band then still retained its full power and fluency, while expanding the menu of its deliverables up to covering some of the materials from its 5th album, and that the concert was fortunately captured almost complete by one of the best audience recordings made in '72. It's simply amazing that GM has again put its version of the originally superb (but unfortunately a bit distorted) audience recording of over 3 hours long onto a single DVD! Recently, I have bought a portable DVD player, so that I can enjoy the DVD versions of GM's titles wherever I am and whenever it is. The portable DVD player has enabled me to duly and firmly realize the excellence of the sounds featured in those DVD versions. As I compare the sound featured in this GM's new title with that of Missing Link's "Heartbreak Hotel" it is clear that the former easily excels the latter in its range, depth and sharpness. Actually, I presume that no CD release by any label would ever be able to surpass such excellence of the sounds as featured in the DVD versions of GM's titles. In addition, as always, GM has made efforts with great care to further improve the quality of the sound, such as the correction of the fluctuation of the sound in the "LA Drone" as between the right and left speakers that the Missing Link's title suffered. Furthermore, as compared to some of its past titles, this time GM has included a larger number of beautiful still slides changing almost every minute, some of which feature rare shots from '72. Thus, it is especially enjoyable to watch the slides included in the title this time. It is truly a regret that none of the Japanese collectors (with a very few exceptions) has ever placed any order with GM for any of its titles. It's a great loss for them and they should experience the excellence of GM's titles with their own ears and eyes! (Takemi Hiramatsu July 05)

Another excellent performance. The new material from Houses Qf The Holy has now been added as regular inclusions in the set. Plant: "Guud Evening! lt's been a long time again. We finally saved up the air fare to get batik. We'd like to try a number off the new album. We haven't really decided what we’re gonna do at the end of it yet, so you’ll have to bear with us! This is a thing called 'Over The Hills And Far Away', which is always a good place to be." Robert again assured die audience that ‘Black Dog' has "nothing to do with a chick in Detroit" and predicts: "I think were gonna have a good time. In fact, l can't ever remember coming here when it’s been had.” 'Since l’ve Been Loving You' really shone tonight and a meat eloquent 'Stairway To Heaven' received the longest ovation so far. Unfortunately by this stage, disruptions were begriming to breakout between elements of the audience and the authorities. Plant attempted to calm the crowd: ”The best vibes of the tour so far have been in strange places, and we've been known to play for 'l2 and a half hours   and then after that we went to the gig." Introducing 'Dancing Days', Plant informed the audience that the new album   ”is not gonna be called Led Zeppelin Five, it’s got every possibility of being called Burn 'flmt Crmdle." This title was never used by Zeppelin; however, some 20 years later, the enterprising bootleggers revived the title for a bootleg CD of this show slightly amended to Bum Like A Candle.

'Whole Lotta Love' was dedicated to LA andincludes all the usual references used on this tour as well as the unique performance of Larry Williams' 'Slow Down'.

(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg.180)

Led Zeppelin - Burn Like a Candle - Rock n' Roll
The best ’60 rock, with the best psychedelic animation, brought to you by The Evil Monkey’s Record

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Jimi Hendrix
In the Land of the Midnight Sun

[aka. "Copenhagen '69"] (ATM 027 / 13.03.1999 / 1CDR) 
Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark
January 10, 1969 [Complete 1st Show]

1. Fire
2. Tax Free
3. Spanish Castle Magic
4. Red House
5. Sunshine Of Your Love
6. I Don't Live Today
7. Star Spangled Banner
8. Purple Haze

Good sound, thundering show

Copenhagen: Aud; "Far Tape" Master (with minor patches from the "Near Tape") - Speed corrected, Heavily EQ'd and lightly de-noised / Outtake ["1983 ... (A Merman I Should turn to be)" (3)]: Digitally Restored from "Lifelines - The Jimi Hendrix Story".


- Oops; There's only Midnight Sun north of the arctic circle, so Denmark can hardly be described as "The Land of the Midnight Sun"

- The Copenhagen recordings are also featured as part of JPIO-II 033-036 "Rabalder in Teateret".

Full Album mp3:

Jimi Hendrix - In the Land of the Midnight Sun - Fire
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Flac Version:

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Live at the Fillmore San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Renegade Records (RR 002)

Disc 1:

101-Your Wall's Too High
102-John Kay Remarks
103-Hoochie Coochie Man
104-John Kay Remarks
105-Born To Be Wild
107-The Ostrich

Disc 2:

201-Tighten Up Your Wig
202-Disappointment Number (Unknown)
203-Lost And Found By Trial And Error

204-Hodge Podge, Strained Through A Leslie


206-Baby Please Don't Go

207-The Pusher


Steppenwolf headlined the Fillmore West on this night, with an early, pre-signed incarnation of Santana opening, followed by The Staple Singers. This performance captures Steppenwolf at a pivotal time, early in their career, as the band was experiencing their first tastes of commercial success from the single off their debut album: the blazing biker anthem "Born To Be Wild." They had recorded but not yet released their second album (which contained the single "Magic Carpet Ride"), and were beginning to perform the more adventurous and experimental material to be included on that album, in addition to staples from their debut LP.

Following the introduction, the set begins with a highly expanded version of "Your Wall's Too High," a popular track from their first album. John Kay then proceeds to speak to the audience about the band's experiences traveling through the United States; the monologue is evocative, and speaks volumes about the social and political climate of the times. Fans of the pre-Steppenwolf blues band the Sparrow, who were transplants from Toronto but became popular during the early Bay Area music scene, are catered to with the cover "Hoochie Coochie Man." A strong supporter of his former bandmates, Kay clues the audience in to the other Sparrow members' current situations following the tune. This open-minded attitude would foster many great collaborations a few years later, when many of the San Francisco bands were dissolving.

About the poster:

The famous Santana Lion sprang from Lee Conklin's fortuitous combination of a doobie break and a child's animal picture book. From that vision came the African priestess and the king of beasts image, combined in Conklin's signature, complicated style. Santana was so taken with the poster that they asked the artist to redraw the picture for their first album cover, and the lion and Santana became permanently linked in aficionados' minds. Although Bill Graham preferred color posters to advertise his concerts, BG134 was so powerful in its original pen and ink it, was sent to press that way.

The 1st printing poster is on uncoated index and does not display a "W" after the ticket outlets strip as seen in the reprint. It measures 14 1/8" x 21 1/8" and was printed before the concert.

Steppenwolf - Live at the Fillmore San Francisco - The Pusher
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October 15th, 1967

Live at ‘Grande Ballroom’
Detroit, Michigan

01. Tales of Brave Ulysses
02. N.S.U.
03. Sitting On Top of the World
04. Sweet Wine
05. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
06. Spoonful
07. Steppin’ Out
08. Traintime
09. Toad
10. I’m So Glad

Cool sound for one of the best and “hardest” Cream performance!

Cream played 2 shows each of the three nights.
Unsubstantiated rumors attribute this recording to Jimmy McCarty, guitarist for the Detroit Wheels, Cactus and the Rockets. McCarty is said to have negotiated permission to record by offering Ginger Baker some "pharmaceuticals" in a little plastic bag ..

Cream performed here for three nights from Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October. It was close to the end of their first US tour, which had commenced on 20th August. This tour, while frustrating in some ways for them (especially sound systems and low pay), had established them in the U.S. and was at the core of their golden period.
Detroit would have been a good town for the three of them with plenty of black music (Jazz, Blues, R&B and Soul) to listen to after hours. And they would have had plenty of after hours as these concerts started at 6.30pm on Friday and Saturday and finished no later than 10p.m. and on Sunday 6.00pm-9.00pm (an all ages show). I believe this would have contributed greatly to the quality of their performances (plus a good sound system!).
The supporting bands on Friday and Saturday were the Rationals and MC5 (basically the house bands at this time). Sunday the support band was the Apostles. One can assume that Cream was largely an unknown quantity to Detroit’s nascent Rock audience and MC5 were already becoming a local legend. Cream had nothing to loose, especially on Sunday when they had plenty of time to really lay out. And by then the word had got around and the audience was really responding.


Full Album mp3:




Return to Cleveland
Agora Ballroom, Cleveland
Gypsy Eye

Disc 1
Introduction   0:32
Finding My Way   5:05
Best I Can   3:12
Need Some Love   3:17
In The End   6:42
Fancy Dancer   3:57
In The Mood   3:15
Bad Boy   5:11
Here Again   8:09
Working Man   8:57
Drum Solo   3:12
What You're Doing   4:29
Garden Road   3:14

Disc 2
Finding My Way   5:36
Best I Can   3:20
What You're Doing   5:25
Fly By Night   3:10
Here Again   9:08
Anthem   4:33
Bad Boy   7:21
Working Man   10:44
Drum Solo   2:33
Outro   0:18

This was supposedly taken from the WMMS re-broadcast in November 2000, But the sound on both discs are somewhat compressed which makes me begin to wonder if they are MP3 sourced, But then again i wouldn't put it past Gypsy Eye to do this. If your looking for better versions of these 2 shows I recommend getting either the DR releases or Sirius releases of these shows. The only reason i picked this one up is because they are on original pressed silvers, Worthy of collectors value. All track times were taken from the artworks. 

Nice audio for a really early-Rush set. Interesting tracklist, a band still with very Zeppelin-like sound.


Led Zeppelin


Kiwi Express
Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
Genuine Masters

Disc 1:

01-Immigrant Song(Fade in)-Heartbreaker
02-Black Dog
03-Since I've Been Loving You
04-Stairway to Heaven
05-That's the Way
07-Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

Disc 2:

01-Dazed and Confused(cut)
02-Whole Lotta Love
03-Communication Breakdown

Close to 25,000 fans went to see Led Zeppelin in Auckland on 25 February 1972. For this groundbreaking event, Mr Grant implemented a truly remarkable strategy for a truly remarkable show. He hired a Zeppelin Express - an exclusive train to bring fans from Wellington up for the show (why this didn’t rate a mention in Welch’s biography is anyone’s guess)! For Kiwi Express, GM have applied their now well-established DVD montage to a first generation tape. In terms of sound quality it is a significant improvement over Tarantura’s Going To Auckland. The tape is slightly slower in speed and, whether it is due to the resulting pitch difference or whether it’s the generation difference, the instruments seem more discernable. Another bonus to the correct running speed is that we now have the pleasure of listening to that infamous fan’s hysterical screaming, at the start of CB, as it was intended to be heard. To round off, there are two superb Easter eggs - an alternate tape from Sydney, containing BD, R&R, BYAS, and WLL, and 19 minutes and 21 seconds worth of the Perth radio 3XY interview. With Kiwi Express, GM are impressively working their way towards complete coverage of Zeppelin’s tour of Australia and New Zealand in their unique and refreshing style. Now all they need is the Perth tapes! (Liam Stone, July 04)

The third installment in the excellent Genuine Masters series of coverage of the 1972 Australia and New Zealand Tour. The source for this DVD audio is a first generation audience recording, which has been speed corrected and now sounds very pleasant indeed. Plant mentions the very clever idea (of their manager Peter Grant), of chartering special trains to bring fans to Auckland. This idea would be used again in May 1975 for the five Earls Court concerts. The sound quality reflects the fact that this was obviously an outdoor venue, but it is very acceptable and enjoyable. The photo montage is on similar lines to the first release in this series, from Sydney two days after this concert. Photos taken on the Australian Tour are used to very good effect once again. Each song is nicely introduced with its own title menu. As an added bonus there are two "Easter Eggs", an alternate but incomplete audience source recording from Sydney on 27 February 1972, and the Melbourne radio station 3XY interviews with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. The artwork has an Old Masters painting theme, and the DVD is a full colour picture disc. It would have helped if the track listing had been given on the back cover, but that is a small gripe. Altogether another extremely worthy addition to the coverage of this groundbreaking tour, and hopefully Adelaide and Melbourne will follow on similar lines. (Jules McTrainspotter July 04)

Rolling Stone reported: "The arrival of Zeppelin brought a near-catatonic reaction from the country’s rock freaks, who descended on Auckland from as far away as Dunedin (the other end of the country: about 900 miles) for the open-air concert. Seats sold at $3.10 and $4.10 and somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 filled the Westen Springs Stadium (a couple of miles from Auckland city and usually used for stock cars).
After the Auckland show, the band visited a strip-club. One of the strippers followed the band to the White Heron Hotel and was duly thrown in the pool at 5am.
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet)



Full Album mp3:


Led Zeppelin


Dancing Geisha
Festival Hall, Osaka
Tarantura  1995

01. Rock And Roll
02. Black Dog
03. Over The Hills And Far Away
04. Misty Mountain Hop
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. Dancing Days
07. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Heartbreaker
05. Immigrant Song

In contrast to the energetic and frantic performances of the 1971 Japanese Tour, the 1972 shows were much more relaxed and laid back affairs. The group seemed tired at times, particularly Plant who sometimes failed to hit the high notes. During the ever expanding 'Dazed And  Confused', Page played an instrumental version of Scott Mackerzie's 'San Francisco (Be Sure To wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)'. This theme would be much expanded in later concerts.  Preslev's 'Got A Lotta Lovin' To Do' was a rare inclusion in the 'Whole Lotta Love' medlev. The band took some time to appear again to perform 'Immigrant Song' and some members of  the audience had already left the hall.
(from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg.185)

Excellent audience recording of Led Zeppelin's show at the Koseinenkin Kaikan Festival Hall, Osaka, on 4 October 1972. The recording is very clear and makes the venue sound quite small and intimate. The performance leaves a bit to be desired, although it certainly has its high points. Robert Plant starts off sounding quite hoarse, but somehow pulls out of it after singing for a while, and the show becomes sensational, with a fabulous rendition of "Dazed and confused". As the final medley draws to a close, however, Plant's voice starts to really give out - why, under these circumstances, they chose to have an encore of "Immigrant Song" is baffling. Perhaps they were playing a prank on the hapless Plant, or having a bet: anyway, it's dreadful. Aparently, a lot of the shows from this tour were taped, but the tapes destroyed as they weren't satisfactory to the group.

Robert's voice is starting to show the strain of performing 3 days in a row - his voice is cracking up almost continuously. Bonzo appears to be in great forum tonight though, so perhaps that offset's Percy's bad vocals. Jimmy is also having a great night - no sticky fingers syndrome tonight. The tape is very good, but slightly distant. The audience is distant from the recorder as well, so one has to only guess where the taper was for this show. Great version of Dancing Days - even with Plant's damaged voice. Everytime I hear that song I think of the Stargroves photos with the band dancing around the truck during the playback of Dancing Days. There's a cut in the tape after Dancing Days that leads into "A song about a dog". There's a tape cut right after the Stomp that misses any Plantations that there might have been and the opening bars of The Song Remains The Same. For some unexplainable reason, there's what sounds like a heartbeat during a clip of The Rain Song. It does not sound real, as it's quite loud and if that was truly a heartbeat, the guy surely died as it sounded like it was ready to jump out of his chest. Dazed is in good forum tonight led by Bonzo's relentless drums. They sound really good - even from a distance. The Crunge includes some monkey business at the end and it's still lacking vocals. The next cut comes after Dazed and before Stairway - some Plantations are lost because of this. Whole Lotta Love is more "musical" and not so much "vocal" tonight, no doubt due to Roberts poor voice. The medley selections includes a lot of low sung Elvis tracks as well as You Shook Me. The tape cuts out right after Heartbreaker and comes back on in time for Immigrant Song. With Plant's voice so bad, I'm not sure I know why they didn't do something else besides this. (Steve Prendergast)

Other Versions of this show:



October 23, 1978 - Vereeniging Hall, Nijmegen - Netherlands

Goin' Dutch
HS 1 0402

01. Live Wire                                                    

02. Problem Child                                          
03. Sin City                                                        
04. Gone Shootin'                                         
05. High Voltage                                             
06. The Jack                                                     
07. Whole Lotta Rosie                                  
08. Rocker                                                        
09. Rock 'N Roll Damnation                        
10. Let There Be Rock                                  
11. Live Wire                                                    
12. Shot Down In Flames                                           
13. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
14. Sin City                                                        
15. Highway To Hell                       

Recorded live at Vereeniging Hall in Nijmegen, Netherlands on October 23, 1978.

Tracks 11 - 15 recorded live at Jaap Edenhall in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 12, 1979.

Superb (audience?) recording; band in full energy, fast & furious guitars and Bon Scott at his best!

Full Album mp3:


The Rolling Stones
Cricket Ground, Perth, Australia, February 24, 1973

Rocks Off !
Swingin' Pig CD ( TSP CD 056 )

01 Brown Sugar
02 Bitch
03 Rocks Off
04 Gimme Shelter
05 Happy
06 Tumbling Dice
07 Love In Vain
08 Sweet Virginia
09 You Can't Always Get What You Want
10 Honky Tonk Women
11 All Down The Line
12 Midnight Rambler
13 Intro / Happy Birthday
14 Little Queenie
15 Rip This Joint

A very nice sounboard recording with powerful guitars and vocals. Nice balance and little noise and distortions. A classic tracklist for the post Exile era, with horn section and Ian Stewart on piano. Very hot performance and some wonderful solo that reiterates the fluidity and the fluency of Taylor’s guitar lead.

Full Album mp3:

Other Versions of this show:


The Who
6-04-1968 - Fillmore East, New York

Live at the Fillmore East
(Sunrise SB-0012)

1. Summertime Blues
2. Fortune Teller
3. Tattoo
4. Little Billy
5. I Can't Explain
6. Happy Jack
7. Relax
8. A Quick One While He's Away
9. My Way
10. Shakin' All Over
11. Boris The Spider
12. My Generation

Live At The Pier Pavillion, Felixstowe, UK, 9th September 1966
(Taken from French TV "Seize Millions Des Jeunes" avec DJ Emperor Rosco, broadcast 18th October 1966)

13. Short Medley: Heat Wave/So Sad About Us (with French DJ's voice over)     I'm A Boy
14. Substitute
15. My Generation

Some boots from Fillmore East, April 1968 carry the wrong date.  This particular boot is from the 6th April.  According to the Concert File book (by Joe McMichael and Irish Jack Lyons) My Way was played on 6th April but not on 5th April.  There are also other references in the Concert File book that make the date for this show accurate. (Brought to you by: Long Live Rock

A sparkling SBD recording with an almost perfect sound that does not lose its fantastic live appeal. A furious band, powerful chord and perfect interplay. A must!

Full Album mp3:

Other Versions of this show:


Led Zeppelin
International Center, Honolulu

Almost Son Of Blueberry Hill
(Shout To The Top STTP 123)

1.Immigrant Song
2.Dazed And Confused
4.Since I've Been Loving You
5.What Is What Should Never Be
6.Moby Dick
7.Whole Lotta Love (including Boogie woogie, Messin' around, I'm moving on, Roadhouse, Some other guy)
8.Communication Breakdown (including American women)

This title is a single disc, complete source tape for the September 6, 1970 show in Hawaii.  The title comes (yet again) from a quote from Rey's book concerning the similarities between this concert and the Los Angeles show two nights before.  This is an excellent, compact, intense show that illustrates what Zeppelin thought was essential for their set list in the fall of 1970. Page doesn't play the Heartbreaker riff immediately after Immigrant Song, and Jones fills the space with the beginning of Dazed & Confused.  The classics in the Whole Lotta Love medley are typical for the tour and are a highlight. This title is a very good and inexpensive way to obtain this show.  It comes in a single jewel case with many pictures of the band hanging out in Hawaii (including Page on the beach with some driftwood). From: Honolulu

A local photographer filmrd a reel of 8mm cinefilm from the press pit. A few brief clips of this were used in the 1997 “Whole lotta love” promo video. (from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg. 99)

Nice audience with a storming performance in line with mid ’70 standard. Impressive loud vocals, courtesy of Plant and a nice medley including a touches of “rivals” Guess Who, whose “American Woman” was flying high.

Full Album mp3:

Other Versions of this show:


The Doors

Live at the Seattle Center Coliseum

1. Roadhouse Blues                                      
2. When The Music's Over                         
3. Mystery Train (Extended Jam)                           
4. Break On Through                                    
5. Backdoor Man                                                           
6. Little Red Rooster*   

Someday Soon removed; available on the box set
* Recorded Live at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, 06/06/1970

Roadhouse Blues Audio Sample


Dowload Full Version mp3:

Original Versions:


The Rolling Stones
Leeds University

Live in Leeds
Sister Morphine Production

01. Dead flowers
02. Stray cat blues
03. Love in vain
04. Midnight rambler
05. Bitch
06. Introduction
07. Honky tonk women
08. Satisfaction
09. Little Queenie
10. Brown sugar
11. Street fighting man
12. Dead flowers ( studio outtake )

Not complete set but very clear sound for a monster performance: decadentism, self-destructions, Richard’s riffage, Taylor’s liquid and sublime lead and, last but not least, Nicky Hopkins on piano. There’s everything you want.

Full Album mp3:

Other Versions of this show:


Led Zeppelin
Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver

Pure Blues
Liquid Led (LLP-0109-004)

(Flying Disc cd6-808)

01. Heartbreaker
02. Thank You
03. What Is And What Should Never Be
04. Communication Breakdown
05. We're Gonna Groove
06. Since I've Been Loving You
07. Whole Lotta Love

Robert Plant, lead singer of the high-flying Led Zeppelin, said recently in London the group wanted to tour America again because audiences here are so “ultra responsive”. His observation was correct, but even the Led Zeppelin was obviously not prepared for the reaction they caused Saturday at the Pacific Coliseum as nearly 19,000 rock fans jammed the building for the group’s first concert in a 19-city tour. Although it started half-an-hour late, the concert was already blessed by the fact that there were none of the often tedious and time-consuming supporting acts. Led Zeppelin walked onstage at 8:30pm, took control and didn’t stop through two-and-a-half hours of glorious, ear-splitting rock.They are essentially the same group they were here last year, with as many new faults as there were noticeable improvements.Except for a few minor mechanical problems during the opening of Dazed and Confused, Led Zeppelin succeeded in their heavy brand of rock that everyone came to hear.The only new material offered was the song Since I’ve Been Loving You, to be released soon on Led Zeppelin III. It’s raw, physical qualities make the album one worth looking forward to.
And no one really minded that they played songs from their first two albums. From the raw, gutsy sounds of How Many More Times, to the frenzy improvisation that is Heartbreaker. Robert Plant, the physical and vocal gymnast of the group, turned the crowd on at will with his shaggy blond mane and his searing three-octave voice. The lead guitar of Jimmy Page was a constant delight to the senses, particularly in his much-improved White Summer solo. Drummer John Bonham demonstrated his talent in a 15-minute stick-twirling and barehanded exhibition that exhausted both himself and listener, while bass guitarist John Paul Jones more than kept the beat alive. As the concert drew to a close during the fever pitch of Whole Lotta Love, the massive crowd surged forward and about 50 senseless fans spoiled it for the group and the audience by vaulting up onto the 15-foot high stage.“Never before in the history of Led Zeppelin has this happened,” Plant shouted mock-serious into the microphone, not knowing whether to be offended or flattered.
When the stage was finally cleared, Led Zeppelin came back for two encores and a standing ovation that was a fitting tribute to one of the most talented rock groups in the business today.
(From: Express, 3-24-70)

This show holds the distinction of being the source for the first ever vinyl led zeppelin bootleg. Packaged in a plain brown cardboard cover bearing the name “Pb” (the chemical symbol for lead).
 (from: “ Led Zeppelin the concert file” by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg. 99)

One of the first SB, nice sound although not comparable to that of 73’s or 75’s soundboard. This night maybe better the soft side with Thank You, What Is and What Should Never Be? And Since I've Been Loving You.


Download original FLAC version:


Full Album mp3:

Pure Blues:



Led Zeppelin
Dorton Aud. Raleigh - North Carolina

"World Champion Drummer"

Disc 1:
01-We're gonna Groove(cuts in)
02-Dazed & Confused
04-Bring it on Home
05-White Summer/Black Mountainside
Disc 2:
01-Since I've Been Loving You
02-Organ Solo
03-Thank You
04-What Is and What Should Never Be
05-Moby Dick

Led Zeppelin's spring 1970 tour is bursting with confidence and swagger, probably riding a high from Led Zeppelin II 's reaching number one and causing much comment for knocking The Beatles' Abbey Road out of the number one spot on the charts.  For such a strong tour there are very few very good tapes available.  This tape has been released several times before as Fearsome Four Live On Stage (Mandala), Groove (Tarantura), We're Gonna Rock (Blimp) and American Accents (Baby Face).  Two tracks, "Bring It On Home" and "organ solo/Thank You" were lifted from the Mandala release for the famous Cabala box set.  It was a good and listenable tape which was very loud.  "Bring It On Home,” sounded like a battle with Bonham's drums fighting Jimmy's guitar. 
World Champion Drummer! is, compared to the Mandala release, a dramatic improvement in sound quality. (G. Sparaco's notes from bootreview)

White summer was now being extended furthur to include a delicate passage that will later be developed into bron yr aur. Since I’ve been loving you now featured most of the lyrics that will soon be recorded for the third album. (from Led Zeppelin the concert file by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg. 104)

Great E.V. release from  5th US Tour, with deep live sound, strong basses and very nice instrument’s balance. Band on top form, one and an half hours show, a bombastic Heartbreaker, with guitar and bass lines very prominent in the mix; excellent also a 10’ version of Bring it on Home. Recommended.


Download original FLAC version:

Full Album mp3:


Led Zeppelin 
5 january 1969,
Whiskey a Go-Go, Los Angeles

'Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!!'

01. As long as i have you
02. I can't quit you
03. The train kept a rollin'
04. Babe im gonna leave you
05. Dazed and confused
06. Killing floor
07. For your love

This is a release of great historical importance.  The title features, for the first time almost 38 years after the event took place, the second oldest tape in the history of the band that has surfaced so far. The recording is pretty good for the era.  Actually, it is of quality almost equal to that of a "soundboard" recording. (From:

Fighting off the January blizzards, the group quickly took the opportunity to impress. Residencies at the Whisky –A-Go-Go and the Bill Graham’s Fillmore West and supporting fellow Atlantic acts Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly had an immediate impact on the American audiences. (from: "Led Zeppelin the concert file" by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg. 30)

Last stint of 1° US Tour present a terrific band despite Page’s illness. Jamming on Fresh Garbage and  As long as i have you, the band take on a pair of old Yardbirds numbers alongside early version of Dazed here smelling of Frisco’s flowers and a thundering hard-rocking The train kept a rollin'. Excellent audio!

Download Original Flac version:


Led Zeppelin 
October 10, 1969
Olympia, Paris, France

One Night Stand In Paris
2cd by The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin (#TCOLZ 029/030)

Disc 1: Pre-FM transfer
Disc 2: FM broadcast version incl. DJ comments

02.Good Times Bad Times Intro / Communication Breakdown
03.I Can't Quit You
05.Dazed And Confused
06.White Summer / Black Mountain Side
07.You Shook Me
08.How Many More Times

A special one-off date at the Paris Olymia, this show was recorded professionally but no tapes have surfaced. The band played for one and a half hours with no encores, during which Plant informed the audience that the second album would be titled The Only Way To Fly. (from: "Led Zeppelin the concert file" by D. Lewis, S Pallet – pg. 82)

Near excellent sound for an excellent performance by a band still eager to emerge. Highlights are a very psychedelic version of Dazed and an impressive 23’ of medley of How Many More Time.

Songs semples: Communication Breakdown - I Can't Quit You - Heartbreaker



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