sabato 26 novembre 2011

Sons of Anarchy – Unofficial Soundtrack – S2-CD 1

"The older I get the more I realize that age doesn't bring wisdom... it only brings weary.
I'm not any smarter than i was 30 years ago. I've just grown too tired to juggle the lies and hide the fears.
Self-awareness doesn't reveal my indiscretions ... exhaustion does."
(Sons Of Anarchy - 1-06 AK 51)



Sons Of Anarchy - S02E01 - Albification

Anvil & Franky Perez - Slip Kid
Five Horse Johnson - Fly Back Home
Black Mountain - Wucan
Imperial Crowns - Lil' Death
Lions - Girl From The North Country
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Step Up (I'm On It)
Monster Magnet - Radiation Day
The Hangmen - The Devil
Toadies - Nothing To Cry About
Year Long Disaster - Leda Atomica

Sons Of Anarchy - S02E02 - Small Tears

The Upsidedown - If You Are Hell Girl
Alberta Cross - Low Men
Katey Sagal - Ruby Tuesday
Sons Of Anarchy - S02E03 - Fix

Toadies - I Want Your Love
The Death Riders - The Wrong Way Out
Indigenous - Come On Home
Hillstomp - Cardiac Arrest in D
Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - Black Cat Road

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