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The Who - Gutter Punks At A Warehouse - 29-11-1971

The Who
Warehouse -New Orleans

Gutter Punks At A Warehouse
Hiwatt SCWH-001

01 Baba O'Riley
02 Bargain
03 Behind Blue Eyes
04 Won't Get Fooled Again
05 Baby Don't You Do It
06 Magic Bus
07 Overture
08 Amazing Journey
09 Sparks
10 Pinball Wizard
11 See Me, Feel Me
12 My Generation

This was the first of 2 successive nights at The Warehouse and 5th show overall of the 2nd leg of the 1971 U.S tour. PT refers to the venue as "...when we first toured the States, this is the kind of places we played in and uh, it's the first electric factory, Kinetic Circus type piss hole we've played for a good long time.... don't be overawed by my big boots or Roger's swinging microphone or his patched trousers, he's only an ordinary punk from the gutter". Magic Bus fades in with RD's harmonica playing and fades out early towards the end. Once again, very nice pack- aging from the folks at Hiwatt label. The cover is a laminate with a picture cardboard inner sleeve. The sound quality in my opinion is a bit "trebly" and dull sounding in the beginning half of the disc but consists of a decent performance.

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Full Album mp3:

From Blogs:

Stage banter transcribed by Tom Pratt

Keith: “Thank you New Orleans for the second time runnin’ you’ve come up trumps… This is a song off of ‘Ooo’s Next…trumps…thank you New Orleans for the second time runnin’ you’ve come up all trumps, not like us but we’ll go into that more on the second little number what you see synthesizer on…and the first one is a number off Who’s Next, written by Pete, called Baba O’Riley”

Roger: “Back to the basics…rock and roll…a number called Bargain”

Pete: “To a band…like us there are a few choices we have to make when we go into a town for the first time whether we can come and play at the uh…local armory…” (Some one in the crowd yells out the name of a place) “Yeah right…you know thirteen, fifteen thousand kids…some of whom probably would have seen us before in nearby towns or whatever or we get a chance to come in and play a place like this, if it still happens to have a place like this…when we first toured the states” (crowd cheers) “this is the kind of places we played…and…and uh…it’s the first Electric Factory, Wherehouse, Kinetic Circus type piss hole we’ve played for a…a good long time and it really feels totally different to have people here instead of like…four hundred yards away” (crowd cheers and someone yells “come back, come back”) “I’ll tell you what…we…uh…we don’t mind if you uh look a bit stupid while you’re loonin’ ‘cause we feel a bit stupid…let’s all just look fucking stupid… and rock and roll ‘cause I feel it’s a wee bit…eh…in here at the moment…people uh…ain’t completely relaxed…don’t be over awed by my big boots or Roger’s swinging microphone or his patched trousers…he’s only an ordinary punk from the gutter”
 Roger: “I resent that…”
Someone in the crowd: “My father says I found him in the gutter”
Roger replies: “I haven’t got a father”
Pete: “Roger’s only just got rid of his stutter that he got from the gutter”
Roger: “Oh, I’m pissing off now then mate…”
Pete: “Are ya…”
Roger: “Yeah fuck off…”
Keith to Roger: “Go on get out of here”
Roger: “Ah…fuck it off…”
Pete: “That plan will probably loosen everyone up”
Keith:  “One more word from you, you little freak and I’ll rip off your arm and beat you to death with it…”
Keith: “Oh! I can’t stand it…I just can’t stand it when Roger goes savage…I can’t stand it…oh!”
Pete: “This one…especially for you…it’s called Behind Blue Eyes”

Pete: “Ta…this one…this one’s called…Won’t…get…”
Someone in the crowd: “Fooled”
Pete: “Again! “

Pete: (The first part of this is cut off) “…in the key of C”


Pete: “Tunin’ up…I’m always in tune nearly…this one uh requires the uh assistance of our conductor someone who’s been conducting The Who orchestra…uh you can even
‘ear ‘im with your eyes closed…he conducts with two batons…Mr. Keith Moon…and uh… I as the composer of the tumultuous work involved in writing a rock opera fourteen hours long, seventeen days in production, fourteen years to record, seventy-four thousand billion copies sold…four pence royalties…I mean”
Keith: (Laughs)
Pete: “We’re gonna…actually gonna play it now for you…here… in this building (Keith does a drum roll) … and here is the counting…One! Two! Three…thousand four hundred and fifty nine…“




Pete: “Thank you…sorry about that but uh…the bit we’re about to play doesn’t work out of tune…we’ve tried it many a time but I’m afraid it doesn’t work all the time, all the time…“
Keith: (Starts singing a song and Pete joins him for part of it)

Roger: “Thank you”
Pete: “It’s all down to you and me…And now…and now a song for all you gentle folk…
over uh twenty-three…”
Keith: (Makes a sort of howling noise)
Pete: (Mimics the howling noise that Keith just made)
Pete: “…My Generation…  I don’t know about your generation…“

Pete: “Thank you New Orleans!
Keith: “Thank you…thank you!”


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