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TVEye - New Year's Eve Party - 1968

New Year's Eve Party 1968
ORTF TV Studio - Paris (France)

Una vera Gemma dal passato, parte di un mastodontico show di Capodanno di quasi 4 ore della TV Francese ORTF. Una scaletta impressionante con TUTTI i grandi nomi dell’epoca, oltre che gli idoli di casa, qualche spezzone “spurio” (Pink Floyd, Joe Cocker…) ma di enorme interesse e quasi tutti in live. In una scenografia futuristica come solo certi interni de “Il Prigioniero”, con Go-Go Dancers a bizzeffe e abiti in stile Austin Powers, il clima è più in stile 1966, ma il feeling della musica è fantastico.
Buona Visione!


The Who
01 - I Can't See For Miles
02 - I'm A Boy
03 - Magis Bus

Roger Daltrey : vocals
Peter Townshend : guitar, vocals
John Entwistle : bass
Keith Moon : drums

Small Faces
01 - Odgen's Nut Gone Flake
02 - Song Of A Baker
03 - Rollin' Over

Steve Marriott : guitar, vocal
Ian McLagan : keyboards
Ronnie Lane : bass
Kenny Jones : drums

Booker T & The Mg's
Bibelot - London (England) - unknown date
01 - Green Onions
02 - Hooker Loo

Booker T Jones : organ
Steve Cropper : guitar
Donald "Duck" Dunn : bass
Al Jackson : drums

Pink Floyd
Psychedelic - London (England) - unknown date
01 -  Let There Be More Light

David Gilmour : guitar, vocals
Richard Wright : keyboards, vocals
Roger Waters : bass, vocals
Nick Mason : drums

The Equals
01 - Softly Softly
02 - Equality
03 - Baby Come Back

Derv Gordon - lead vocals
Lincoln Gordon - guitar
Eddy Grant - guitar
Pat Lloyd - bass guitar
John Hall - drums

Les Variations
01 - Around & Around
02 - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
03 - Satisfaction

Joe Lebb : vocals
Marc Tobaly : guitar
Jacques “Petit Pois” Grande : bass
Jacky Bitton : drums

The Troggs
01 - I Can't Control Myself
02 - Peggy Sue
03 - Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting

Reg Presley : vocals
Chris Britton : guitar
Pete Staples : bass
Ronnie Bond : drums

Joe Cocker
Tour de Nesles - Paris - unknown date
01 - I Shall Be Released
02 - With A Little Help From My Friends

+ The Grease Band ??

Fleetwood Mac
01 - Homework
02 - My Baby Sweet
03 - Dust My Broom

Peter Green : guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer : slide guitar, piano, vocals
Danny Kirwan : guitar
John McVie : bass
Mick Fleetwood : drums

Full Video:

In rete sono reperibili anche le versioni in DVD nonchè lo show completo (via torrent)


Double DVD (complete 4 hours show)

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Anonimo ha detto...

According to the Trader's Den website, the torrent has been pulled (removed) (no reason given). I would love to get the whole 4 hour show, especially Françoise Hardy.

Thank you for the ".avi" files. It's an incredible show!! But I think Les Variations are a French group, I never heard of them before.....

I'm sorry, I only speak English, and some French......


Unknown ha detto...

Les Variations are for sure a french band!


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