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Don Van Vliet - Art Gallery

L’opera di Van Vliet è un’ode al deserto, all’antropomorfismo di animali e oggetti; forse un atto di accusa alla Società degli Uomini, con cui l’artista ha sempre incontrato insormontabili difficoltà di comunicazione. Perfetta sintonia esiste invece tra i quadri e i testi di molte canzoni, sempre caratterizzati da precise aggettivazioni riguardanti colori, forme e movimenti.

Don Van Vliet
Ghost Red Wire (1967)
Olio su masonite
61 x 61 cm

Don Van Vliet
Senza Titolo (1967)
 Olio su legno
110 x 56cm

Around the corner the wind blew back follow the yellow brick road
It ended up in black on black
I was taught the gift of love
Smiling children painted joy sunshine bright girl and boy
bag of trick s and candy sticks peppermint kite for my toy
Yellow brick black on black
Keep on walking and don't look back

(Yellow Brick Road, Safe as Milk, 1967)

Don Van Vliet
When She Dropped The Flower (1969)
Acrilico e pastello su vetro
157 x 55.5cm

Un aspetto interessante dell’opera di Van Vliet è il rapporto con lo spazio vuoto dello sfondo, ritenuto dall’artista ancora più interessante del primo piano, in quanto ognuno può immaginarvi i propri colori e le proprie forme.

There's ole Gray with 'er dove-winged hat
Threre's ole Green with her sewing machine
Where's the bobbin at?
Tote'n old grain in uh printed sack
The dust blows forward 'n dust blows back
And the wind blows black thru the sky
And the smokestack blows up in suns eye
What am I gonna die?
Uh white flake riverboat just flew by
Bubbles popped big
'n uh lipstick Kleenex hung on uh pointed forked twig
Reminds of the bobby girls
Never was my hobby girls
Hand full uh worms and uh pole fishin'
Cork bobbin' like uh hot red bulb
'n uh blue jay squeaks
His beak open an inch above uh creek
Gone fishin' for a week
Well I put down my bush
'n I took of my pants 'n felt free
The breeze blowin' up me 'n up the canyon
Far as I could see
It's night now and the moon looks like uh dandelion
It's black now 'n the blackbird's feedin' on rice
'n his red wings look diamonds 'n lice
I can hear the mice toes scamperin'
Gophers rumblin' in pile crater rock hole
One red bean stuck in the bottom of uh tin bowl
Hot coffee from uh krimpt up can
Me 'n my girl named Bimbo Limbo Spam

(Van Vliet - The Dust Blows Forward And The Dust Blows Back, Trout Mask Replica, 1969)

Don Van Vliet
Ming Move (1985)
Olio e inchiostro su tela
213.4 x 152.4 cm

A Tin Peened Reindeer

A tin peened reindeer
Metalically hoofed on glass
Scorched cotton snowmen edged the corners
Flesh coloured powder mountains
Yellow lights melts cobwebbed articles
Vague wire tunnels resembling
Peeled flesh caterpillers
Housing very tiny red Christmas tree lights
The Nativity scene
Re-enacted in Ivory soap
A bone shade from age complete
With tiny straw manger
The Christ child its face replaced by an elephant's head
Intricate lace cups each ear and bands the trunk

(Van Vliet, 1987)

Don Van Vliet
Dry Morning Wind That Jingle Like Fish Bones (1987)
Olio su tela
213 x 152 cm

Don Van Vliet
China Pig (1986-‘87)
Olio su tela
260 x 193cm

China Pig, prima del quadro, è il titolo di una canzone di Trout Mask Replica: un blues asfittico ispirato alla tradizione acustica del delta del Mississippi.

I don't wanna kill my china pig
No I don't
Uh man's gotta live
Uh man's gotta eat
Uh man's gotta have shoes t' walk out on the street
I don't wanna kill my china pig
Ell he was uh baby I want yuh t' see
I don't wanna kill my china pig
Well I used t' go t' school
With uh' little red box
'n I used to have m' pig go with me
We walked for blocks
I don't wanna kill my china pig
His tail curled five times in uh circle round
It's glazed
He's got uh slot in his back flowers grow
My china pig be uh quite uh show
I don't wanna kill my china pig
Woe no
My china pig
I got him by the snout
'n I takes him by the cuff
'n I whipped out m' fork
'n I poked at um
Three hairs laid out on m' floor
I remember my china pig
I fed the neighborhood
It was uh big neighborhood
Uh lot uh people liked my pig
One little girl used t' put her fingers in his snout
I put uh fork in his back
I didn't wanna kill my china pig

(Van Vliet – China Pig, Trout Mask Replica, 1969)

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